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Welcome to the beginning of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season! This year I’m thrilled to announce that Space City Weather has teamed up with an Extreme Weather Partner, Reliant, for the entire six-month season. And that’s a good thing, because although we don’t put too much stock into seasonal forecasts, there are some reasons to believe this season may be fairly active across the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea.

As part of our agreement, Matt and I will be writing a handful of posts during the next six months about extreme weather, and some of the options residents have to prepare for hurricanes, power outages, and other weather-related problems that can arise in Houston. Beginning with this one, these will clearly be marked as sponsored posts, but will be written by us, for you.


To kick off hurricane season, we’re going to delve into the topic of power outages and generators. Aside from life-threatening hazards and damage to one’s home or business, outages are among the most significant inconveniences during inclement weather. Anyone who lived in Houston during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike will know this well. Outages can be dangerous, too, as people sometimes attempt to operate gasoline-powered generators indoors, or take other extreme measures.

(We Energies)

When the power goes out, thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to report the outage and get an update on when service is most likely to be restored. For most of Houston, the “poles and wires” infrastructure that delivers power to customers is CenterPoint Energy. They are the conduit for power provided by retail electricity providers like Reliant.

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A Houston based transportation firm that serves Houston, Dallas and San Antonio—Jetco Delivery—has agreed to sponsor Space City Weather for the entire month of May.

Here are some reasons to choose them as a provider for your cargo delivery services:

When you need a “best in class” logistics and trucking partner.

No matter the size or security-sensitivity of your cargo, Jetco Delivery is committed to safely delivering your freight every time.

For over 41 years, clients have gained peace of mind because of our experienced, professional team, our newer fleet and  cutting-edge technology.

Together, we are going the extra mile.

Import/Export—Flatbed/Heavy Haul—Freight brokerage—Project management—Warehouse & Storage

Please join me in thanking Jetco Delivery for sponsoring the month of May in Houston. So far we’ve had great weather, but in this month thunderstorms are never far away.

You may have noticed that this month a local author, Darrell Lee, sponsored Space City Weather. It’s the first time that’s happened (but not the last, check back in April). Anyway, as part of the sponsorship I agreed to read the book and post a short review. Spoiler alert: I liked it!

In his first book Lee has plunged us several centuries into the future, into a post-nuclear holocaust world, where there is a small band of civilized people beset by several tribes of nomads. While a tale about a post-apocalyptic world hardly plows new ground in the science fiction genre, this story does not feel well-worn, nor unoriginal. Quite the contrary, this is an interesting world, with an interesting story, and unwinds the misfortunes that led our heroes to their present plight in a very, very cold world. And without giving too much of the story away, let me also say that for Texas residents there are some recognizable landmarks in the second half of the book.

(The Gravitational Leap)


As a first effort, this is a fun read. There are a few moments where the author’s inexperience breaks through, in passages that do more “telling” than “showing,” and some awkward dialogue, but truthfully these are minor quibbles. My biggest criticism is not a bad one—the book is too short, and could have benefited from a little more character development. But it’s a good thing, I’d say, when you leave your reader wanting more!

Anyway, check out the Gravitational Leap here, if you’re interested.

Space City Weather is seeking sponsors for the rest of 2017. If your business is interested in supporting the most informative weather site in Houston, and reaching readers who value our site, please click below for more information.

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A new year, and a new month, mean a new sponsor. And for January I’m pleased to announce that Westbury Christian School will sponsor Space City Weather.

(Westbury Christian School)

Here is a bit more about the school:

Westbury Christian School is a fully accredited, college preparatory school serving approximately 500 students from age 3 through 12th grade each year.
Conveniently located near major employment centers south and west of downtown, WCS is committed to excellence in academics, student activities, and spiritual development and offers competitively priced tuition to allow working families the opportunity to give their students a unique private education taught from a biblical perspective. WCS actively works to maintain diversity in its student enrollment, which reflects the populace of the neighborhood in which it is located, serving families from a variety of religious faiths, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.
The challenging academic program at WCS – including the open-enrollment Dr. David M. Lacey Advanced Placement (AP) program offering 17 courses across core disciplines – is designed to ensure college-readiness, while expanded classroom space and extracurricular offerings in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) encourage students to pursue careers in Houston’s key industries.
The Wildcat athletic program – which fields boys and girls middle school, junior varsity and varsity squads in a variety of team and individual sports – helps WCS students strengthen their bodies and build character while learning the importance of teamwork.
With instruction and extracurricular opportunities in band, chorus, ballet, theatre and the visual arts, the Fine Arts department at WCS helps students express their unique creative talents, individually and collectively, on the WCS stage and through appearances at recognized local and state competitions.
The campus ministry program ensures WCS is a welcoming place for all who are seeking spiritual growth, and local service projects and out-of-town mission trips allow students to show God’s love to those in need of a helping hand.
In its first 40+ years, WCS has helped thousands of hard-working students – including more than 1,300 alumni – prepare for success in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

Their support allows us to continue to make the best possible forecasts we can make. Thank you for considering them for all any education needs. By doing so, you’ll be supporting this site!

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