A few warm, wet days, then an extended period of cooler weather

Good morning. We’ve kicked off our annual fundraiser for the year, and it will last for the next three weeks. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured to contribute anything, but readers often ask how they can help the site.

Main t-shirt design for 2018.

So once a year we sell t-shirts (as well as sweatshirts and umbrellas this year) and accept donations via Custom Ink. The money goes to support our operating expenses—zero server problems in 2018, yay!—and support the considerable time that Matt and I spend at this. Now, onto the forecast.


Fog has developed over the region, especially western Houston, but it should lift by around 9 or 10am this morning. After this we should see partly sunny skies and another fairly warm day for early November, with highs in the low- to mid-80s. Humidity will be abundant as well. Rain, for the most, part, should hold off but we may see a few scattered showers across the area. Expect a steamy November night, with most of the city not falling below 70 degrees.


Another warm day, with highs in the mid-80s, but as moisture levels pile up we’ll see better rain chances across the area. For the most part, this should be light to moderate rain, but we can’t rule out a few thunderstorms. I expect accumulations, at most, in the tenths of an inch. Nighttime temperatures will be slightly cooler, but still in the 60s inland, and low 70s along the coast.

Thursday and Friday

By Thursday a strong cold front will be on the move through northern Texas, and bound for Houston. The upper-level dynamics with this front favor healthy rain chances ahead of, and along with the front, but we’re not seeing anything to suggest a line of severe thunderstorms like with the last front. Rather, we expect to see good rain chances (50 to 70 percent) on Thursday, Thursday night, and Friday, with accumulations in the 1-2 inch range. Nothing right now indicates the potential for any kind of widespread flooding.

The front itself now appears likely to move into Houston during the overnight hours on Thursday, reaching northern parts of the metro area before midnight, and southern areas on Friday morning. (As always, exact timing is subject to change). Rain chances will linger, especially near the coast, through much of the day Friday. It will be a chilly affair, with daytime temperatures likely holding steady at about 60 degrees. Overnight lows Friday night and Saturday morning will fall into the 40s inland, and 50s closer to the coast.

There is a favorable outlook for below-normal temperatures next week. (Pivotal Weather)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend still looks nice and fall-like for Houston. Highs Saturday probably will remain at around 60 degrees, with partly sunny skies, and perhaps get into the mid-60s with partly to mostly sunny skies on Sunday. Rain chances will probably be near zero, but with some moisture returning from the Gulf Sunday night I can’t rule out some rain to end the weekend.

Forecast models indicate another front may move through in the vicinity of next Monday or Tuesday to keep things on the colder side in Houston for awhile. Most of next week looks chilly.

24 thoughts on “A few warm, wet days, then an extended period of cooler weather

  1. David Gaskin

    Eric, Say, we’ve seen this offshore to onshore to offshore flow for the past two months. It’s like being in a repeating tape loop. What is the larger pattern going on here beyond successive fronts moving through?

  2. MaryRoss Taylor

    Puzzled that the logo shown on the main campaign shirt (when I click on the link) is not the skyline and space shuttle. The bland logo is so bland it’s scary.

    1. AdnamaHou

      If you read the item description, I think the gray t-shirt is supposed to have the image shown in this post, not the plain logo (which I wouldn’t call bland, it’s just more minimal, which some people prefer).

      1. Kristina

        If you click on the small option within the picture, it shows the back of the shirt and sweatshirt actually have this logo. So the front is a small logo, but on the back it has this fancy logo.

      2. Theresa Tilton

        The logo on the front is the same, but the logos on the back are different. You can click to see the backs.

  3. Sally

    Eric, you may want to combine the two campaigns into one (main t-shirt and alternative t-shirt). If someone wants to buy one t-shirt from each campaign they will have to pay two whole shipping costs (per CustomInk).

    1. Ben M.

      Almost all of these campaign t-shirt firms do this. Each product is considered a separate “campaign” and you pay shipping on each.

    2. Eric Berger

      Hi Sally. I’d love to do this, but unfortunately the different designs can’t be combined into a single campaign. I really do apologize.

  4. Lynn Young

    Any idea in what our weather might be like this winter as to freezes and very cold weather? I’m thinking about my plants and how they suffered last year and want to do some preparations but don’t want to haul everything inside if not necessary. Thanks.

  5. Blackhawks Fan

    Can’t wait for this weekend! Can actually go outside and work in the yard all day (it needs it) without sweating!

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