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A strong cold front pushed through Houston shortly after midnight, and now temperatures have fallen into the upper 30s and lower 40s across the metro area. We’ll now return to a period of mostly colder weather for the rest of January, and early February, with additional cold fronts on the horizon.


While rain showers have not ended this morning, the activity is beginning to wind down as drier air moves in from the west. Overnight totals for most of Houston measured between 0.5 and 1.0 inch of rainfall, but some areas near Magnolia got 2.0 inches or more. This wasn’t enough to cause any major flooding problems, but it certainly made for a wet night. A wintry mix is now falling in a few areas near College Station and Brenham, but it is unlikely to get cold enough in Houston for sleet or snow before the precipitation ends this morning. That should occur between about 9am and noon, as the last rains move east.

A strong cold front has brought winter-like temperatures to Texas on Wednesday morning. (Weather Bell)

Even with clearing skies, however, temperatures today will struggle to reach into the upper 40s, and with a northerly wind gusting up to 20mph this will certainly be a chilly day across the region. Under clear skies, lows tonight will likely stay at or just above freezing for most of the Houston metro area.

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Temperatures have only fallen down to around 60 degrees for most of Houston this morning, and we’ll have one more warmer day today before cooler weather returns with a front tonight, and lasts for the rest of this week.


Highs today should generally get up to around 70 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies keeping them from getting much higher. Winds will be blowing out of the south today, increasing moisture levels ahead of a cold front tonight. Although scattered showers will be possible during the daytime, by far the best chance of rain will come tonight with a line of precipitation along the front. The front should reach areas northwest of Houston between 9pm and midnight, roll through Houston sometime between 11am and 2am, and should be off the coast by or before sunrise Wednesday. At this time, accumulations of 0.5 to 1.0 inch of rainfall are likely.

Most of Houston is likely to see 0.5 to 1.0 inch of rain Tuesday night and early Wednesday. (National Weather Service)

It should be noted that some models have been hinting at the possibility of snow or sleet for areas northwest of Houston, such as the Brazos Valley, with this system. However it seems most probable that the colder air needed for wintry precipitation will lag far enough behind the precipitation to preclude this. Can’t rule it out, but it seems doubtful. The chance of seeing anything like this in Houston itself is pretty near zero.

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After a warm-up today and especially on Tuesday, Houston will return to cold weather this week with highs mostly in the 50s. We should also see a fair amount of sunny skies—barring a gray and warm Tuesday. The forecast for the weekend is not year clear, alas.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Chilly conditions this morning, generally in the 30s, will warm up fairly quickly as the sun comes out. It should be a pleasant day to watch a parade, or otherwise partake in outdoor activities, as temperatures rise into the low to mid-60s under partly sunny skies. Winds will shift to the southeast later today, which will bring some more clouds into the mix this afternoon. Lows Monday night will only fall into the 50s with the modified air.

Tuesday will be the warmest day of the week. (National Weather Service)


This will be a warm, and possibly wet day as a southerly flow establishes itself over the Houston area. Skies should be mostly cloudy in response to the increased moisture, but even so high temperatures should get up to 70 degrees. Rain chances will increase Tuesday afternoon, and especially Tuesday night ahead of a cold front. I don’t anticipate this front will produce the intense showers and (especially) thunderstorms that we experienced early Saturday, but most of Houston should still see about one-half inch of rain.

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Winter for a weekend, roller coaster to follow

Posted by Matt Lanza at 5:47 AM

Over the next 7-10 days, the weather over Southeast Texas will probably agitate those of us that like stability in our seasons. We should see a bit of a roller coaster ride unfold over the area. Let’s jump into details.


Watch out for some changeable visibility this morning. There will be some dense fog near the coast and patchier fog inland through the first part of the morning. We’ll shift to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, though fog could continue near the bays and coast. There should be a few showers around this afternoon, along with perhaps a rumble of thunder. Look for temps to push toward 70 degrees.

Tonight and Saturday

Our much discussed cold front will make its grand appearance for most us while we’re sleeping. The evening should feature low clouds, humidity, and some drizzle or showers. No serious disruption to Friday night plans here. The main front should sweep through the area from northwest to southeast from about 1 AM through 7 AM. With it, some showers, perhaps a few thunderstorms, and then a big change.

Temperatures on Saturday will be their warmest before the sun comes up, dropping from the 60s at 5 AM into the 40s by late morning and midday. (Weather Bell)

We’ll start the day in the 60s around 5 AM and head toward midday with temperatures in the 40s. We should hold in the 40s for most of the afternoon. With it should be a 15 to 20 mph wind, gustier near the bays and on the coast. It will feel like winter.

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