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Skies are partly clear across the region this morning, but clouds will increase throughout the day, and I’m afraid we’re looking at mostly cloudy skies for the remainder of the week. We’ll also see healthy rain chances through Friday or Saturday—which means less-than-ideal conditions for the upcoming Houston Rodeo Cook Off, and part of the opening weekend for Mardi Gras in Galveston. We’ll dive into this in greater detail below.


With Sunday’s cold front well offshore, we’ll see a breezy, cool day today, with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. This is probably also the last day with near-zero rain chances until Sunday as conditions turn wetter. Temperatures tonight will drop to around 50 degrees—cooler inland and warmer near the coast. The wetter pattern should begin as soon as this evening, as light rain showers migrate inland.

Rain accumulation forecast for now through Tuesday. (Pivotal Weather)


Broadly speaking, our pattern for much of this week will be one of a thin layer of colder air at the surface, and a warmer, moist current of air from the southwest higher up in the atmosphere. Tuesday looks especially wet, with a saturated atmosphere and near 100 percent rain chances. The heavier rain should remain largely to the northeast of Houston, with the metro area generally seeing about one-half inch of rain. All told, this will be a cold (mid-50s), damp day.

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Soon heading back in the clouds for a little while

Posted by Matt Lanza at 5:43 AM

We are heading back to being mired in a weather pattern that is generally low impact (aside from some fog) but also fairly obnoxious: Lots of clouds, cold fronts that will shift temperatures in a big way depending on where they’re situated, and plenty of rain chances but ultimately not a lot of rain accumulation. Let’s dive in.


Areas of fog, locally dense, have developed this morning, and there is a Dense Fog Advisory through 9 AM for most of the area. Give yourself a couple extra minutes out the door today. As fog lifts, expect a good deal of cloud cover this morning, giving way to some partial afternoon sunshine at times. High temperatures today will be contingent on sunshine. With a lot of sun, we could make a run for 80° in spots, particularly west of I-45. With clouds hanging on, expect upper-70s in most places. Some fog may roll back into coastal communities later this afternoon.


The forecast for tomorrow is tricky. The first in a series of cold fronts will get down to about US-59 in the morning.

You can clearly see Saturday’s cold front when looking at forecast dewpoints from the NAM model. It’s basically along US-59 at 7 AM. (Weather Bell)

Using the image above (which shows dewpoints instead of air temperatures), you can see the cold front is conveniently right along US-59. This is from the NAM model, which is probably the most aggressive of the models in bringing this front south. In fact, this may even be a smidge too far south and east. But I want to show you how sharp a cutoff this is between very warm humid and potentially cooler and drier.

The front will likely make limited progress south and may even begin to retreat a bit back to the north in the afternoon. Ahead of the front, we will see areas of dense fog along the coast or in the bays once again for much of tomorrow. Temperatures will likely be in the 70s to perhaps near 80° again. North and west of Houston closer to the front in the afternoon, look for mid-70s. There is a small degree of uncertainty tomorrow. If the front is able to be aggressive and dives southeast enough, some areas north or west of US-59 may only see highs in the 60s Saturday.

The good news is that rain chances look limited on Saturday. There may be a few showers or sprinkles along the coast, but otherwise, it just looks mostly cloudy tomorrow (foggy along the coast).

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Our forecast remains on track through the first half of the weekend, with mostly sunny conditions and warmer weather. After this, however, our weather turns a bit murky both literally and figuratively as a cold front stalls out near, or over the region. Certainly we’re not expecting anything too extreme, but for now the forecast is hard to parse with any great detail.

Thursday and Friday

The work week will end with a pair of fine, partly to mostly sunny days, with high temperatures generally varying from the low 70s to the upper 70s depending upon cloud cover. Nights will be moderate, with lows in the upper 50s for inland areas ranging into the low 60s for the coast. Rain chances are near zero and humidity levels will be reasonable with some drier air mixing in.

Friday will be a warm day, especially for Central Texas. (National Weather Service)


The first half of the weekend will see more of the same, although cloud cover may increase some later during the day on Saturday. This still should be a dry day for most, with highs in the mid-70s, so plan those outdoor activities with confidence. Nighttime temperatures on Saturday will be quite warm, likely in the 60s pretty much area-wide.

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Houston’s weather will offer something for most people over the next week or so. Through Saturday, we’re going to see partly to mostly sunny weather, with gradually warming weather as temperatures climb through the upper 70s to perhaps 80 by Saturday. For early next week we’re going to abruptly transition back to the cold, gray, and possibly wet conditions more common during winter.


After this morning’s cold start, highs today will get into the mid- to upper-60s for what should be a banner day under full sunshine. As winds begin to return from the south tonight, overnight lows will only fall into the lower 50s for most of the region.

Low temperatures for Wednesday night will be more moderate. (National Weather Service)

Thursday and Friday

The overall pattern will remain mild through the end of the week, as the movement of air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere moves generally from west to east, keeping our region dry. The net result of this should be partly to mostly sunny skies, with highs in the 70s, and nighttime temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s.  Read More…