Inland areas may see some drier air tonight, but as for the rest of us …

Another day, another handful of records set for both high temperatures and warm overnight conditions. As of 6 am this morning, the temperature at Hobby Airport is 75 degrees, a staggering 30 degrees warmer than normal for late December. A weak front will approach the area and bring some drier air to inland areas tonight, but I don’t think these conditions will reach as far as Highway 59. After this front washes out we’ll see warm weather until a strong front arrives on New Year’s Day.


Today will see partly to mostly sunny skies, with temperatures rising into the low- to mid-80s. Winds will generally be light, out of the southwest. The aforementioned front will sag southeastward this evening, likely reaching College Station a few hours before midnight, and maybe as far as Katy and The Woodlands by around sunrise on Thursday. Otherwise, it will be another warm and muggy night.

This map of dewpoints at sunrise on Thursday offers a good approximation of how far the dry air will reach. (Weather Bell)


Inland areas behind the front may stay in the 70s on Thursday, but most of the rest of the region will be back around 80 degrees. Skies should turn partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon after a cloudy start. Thursday night will be, you guessed it, very warm.

New Year’s Eve

The final day of 2021 will see partly sunny skies and very warm temperatures in the low- to mid-80s. The evening will be mild for any festivities, with temperatures in the mid-70s and likely mostly cloudy skies. A very slight chance of light precipitation comes into the forecast after midnight.

New Year’s Day

Change is on the way in 2022. After a muggy morning, it now looks like the front will reach inland parts of Houston by Saturday morning, and likely push down to the coast by around noon or shortly thereafter. This is a little sooner than our previous forecasts. Some light rain is possible with the front, but it may well be a dry passage. Colder air moves in quickly overnight, with temperatures dropping into the 30s by Sunday morning. A freeze is likely for inland areas, although the “freeze line” will remain in flux for some time yet.

Check out the low temperatures for Sunday, January 2. (Weather Bell)

Sunday and beyond

Sunday will be cold, with a northerly wind and highs likely topping out at around 50 degrees. This will feel especially cold after the very warm December weather, and Monday night will again flirt with a freeze. We’ll gradually warm back up to the 70s by the middle of the week, but another front by Thursday or so should cool us down again toward the end of next week. Rain chances remain low throughout the period.

5 thoughts on “Inland areas may see some drier air tonight, but as for the rest of us …”

  1. I’ve noticed mistakes lately in your forecast. Today’s forecast had 6 pm for a morning reference. Also it mentioned a possible freeze for Monday night when it should have stated Sunday night

      • Not exactly pedantic… pointing out inaccuracies and mistakes that most authors, in particular those as science and detail focused as weather forecasters, appreciate.

  2. Hello Eric and Matt! First I want to say thank you so much for all you do for the Houston area. It is a gift to wake up to this insight every weekday morning and know that you guys have us covered. I’m feeling your value even more keenly at this moment because I am about to move to Chicago, and I don’t know where I’ll get my weather news there! Do you guys know of anyone else around the country who is doing anything like what you do? Especially in the Chicago area?

    Either way, thanks again for everything. What you do is a real public service, and I know I speak for many when I say again how grateful I am for it. I wish you a happy New Year with all the blessings you so richly deserve!

  3. Just wanted you all to know how much we love our Space City T-shirt and Space City hoody. They got here before Christmas and the T-shirt is being worn in this lovely warm weather. My husband’s hoody will come in handy this weekend. Thank you for all you do to keep us all informed through out the year. You are the best!

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