Parts of Houston could return to the 20s this weekend

Officially, the mercury in Houston has yet to hit 70 degrees in 2018. In fact, we haven’t gotten that warm since Dec. 22. (This is, like, a real winter). Anyway, we have a chance to get close to 70 degrees this week before the region gets quite cold again this weekend.


Not much to say about today, as we’ll see partly sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 60s. Winds won’t be appreciable today and lows tonight will probably only fall to around 50 degrees. Should be very nice for January.


As the onshore flow returns Tuesday night, the region should see a partly to mostly cloudy day on Wednesday, with the potential for some fog during the morning hours. Highs should climb into the mid- to upper-60s, and we could hit 70 degrees if the Sun breaks through for long enough.


We’ll start the day out warm before a cold front moves through the area during the daytime hours. I’m not expecting anything severe, but the front’s push through the area could be accompanied by some brief, heavy rain showers.

Rain accumulation forecast for Thursday. (NOAA)

Still, because the system should move steadily from northwest to southeast, I don’t expect accumulations above a few tenths of an inch of rain for most areas. Areas far inland on Thursday night could see a light freeze, but I expect most of the city to remain above freezing on Friday morning.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The weekend looks sunny and cold. Highs for all three days from Friday through Sunday are unlikely to rise much above 50 degrees, with freezing conditions possible for inland areas on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The latter looks especially chilly, with temperatures potentially falling into the 20s for northern parts of the Houston metro area.

Forecast lows for Sunday morning. (National Weather Service)

If you’re running the marathon on Sunday, Jan. 14, I’d expect temperatures to start out at near freezing and rise into the mid- to upper-40s later in the run (especially for slow pokes like me). The good news is that precipitation chances are near zero, and as of now I don’t expect winds (perhaps around 5 mph) to be much of an issue.

Monday and beyond

Next week should see a slow warm-up, with highs potentially reaching 70 degrees by Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe. Houston is having a real winter this year so you never know.

9 thoughts on “Parts of Houston could return to the 20s this weekend

  1. jasonmicron

    Man… Looks like it’s long sleeves, a beanie and if it’s breezy, a neck warmer. Luckily I have some compression sleeves that will keep my legs warm. Hope to bump in to you out there, Eric.

  2. Brandi

    Hmmm, where is my little beanie hat for the race….Really could not have asked for better for the marathon. Good luck, Eric. Maybe I’ll see you out there (slow poke, as well).

  3. TimP

    Cold aside, is it me or is this one of the more overcast ‘partly sunny’ days we’ve seen?

    Have fun* during the Marathon!

    *I’m not a runner so have no idea what the proper salutation is… 😉


    Love this cold weather, dislike those one-season years. Summer, summer, summer and summer. I hope it stays nippy until April like it should. 😄

  5. tanstaafl

    Good luck in the marathon Eric.

    I’m originally from New England but I’ve been living here long enough that I really hate the cold weather and will take 95 degrees over 25 degrees any time. Also, a lot of people have the flu this winter and it is a really bad version of the flu too.

    1. Eric Berger

      Yes, I realize the cold weather is dragging a lot of people down. It looks to me like we will see a decidedly warmer second half of January.

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