Storms for Halloween on track as a ghoul front moves toward Houston

Just a short update on the forecast for Halloween, which remains more or less on track. As of 4pm CT we’re in the midst of daytime-heating driven thunderstorms firing up along a boundary running through the Houston area. We’re hoping to see some of this activity die down between 5pm and 7pm, as the sun goes down, but we can’t guarantee it won’t rain in your area.

If you’re trick-or-treating, the best advice is to seize the moment when it’s not raining around sunset; but remain relatively close to your home or vehicle. While there should be fewer storms across the area around sunset, we’re still concerned about the potential for strong thunderstorms and other threats popping up quickly. If you hear thunder, please take shelter.

The main event will come a little later this evening, with the arrival of a cold front and a line of severe thunderstorms moving from northwest to southeast.

Estimate of arrival time for cold front and associated line of strong storms. (Space City Weather)

The timings we shared this morning remain pretty much accurate. Along with the warning messages about the potential for some heavy downpours, high winds, and other severe weather, the National Weather Service went ahead and pulled the trigger on a tornado watch for much of East Texas. It expires at 10pm, but once the front passes through your location, and the rains stop, you can consider the need for the watch ended.

Area of tornado watch for Wednesday. (NOAA)

Please remember that a tornado watch simply means that conditions exist for the possible formation of tornadoes, not that one has been spotted. And while it is certainly possible for tornadoes to form this evening, we don’t envision a huge threat.

All the same, it’s going to get briefly nasty out there as this cold front blows through Houston tonight. Please have plans to be somewhere safe during the passage.

8 thoughts on “Storms for Halloween on track as a ghoul front moves toward Houston”

  1. Waaay more rain at one time than I like in Meyerland area… please slow your roll Mother Nature, don’t need another Halloween Flood (please)

  2. Thank you Eric. Just got a tornado warning til 5:30 pm. I’m in Katy. I wonder if it’s general or pertaining to my area…

  3. Great call on the perfectly timed break in the rain for trick-or-treating. Eric (and Matt) got us through Harvey in 2017 and now Halloween in 2018. You should sell SCW shirts.

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