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Houston’s highest heat of 2017 upon us

Posted by Matt Lanza at 7:10 AM

Thursday was the hottest day of 2017 to date. Hobby Airport hit 99°, tying a record last set in 1965, while Bush Airport officially hit 98° on Thursday. Friday has a chance to equal or top it, but there is some good news.

Today and Saturday

Simply scorching. High pressure remains on top of Texas. This will both limit rain chances and maximize temperatures today. Expect temperatures very near where they were on Thursday, with highs in the upper 90s to near 100° in and around Houston. Minimal relief at the coast, with Galveston through Matagorda seeing highs in the low-90s Friday afternoon.

A scorching map of NWS forecast high temperatures for Friday. (NWS/Weather Bell)


There won’t be too many showers around today, but as we saw on Thursday, you could conceivably get one or two that pop up in parts of the area (most likely south of I-10) and dump a couple inches of rain in a short time. But the majority of the region will stay dry.

Combined with a bit of humidity, it will again feel uncomfortably hot today. Heat advisories are unlikely, but regardless, you should take it easy outside today and tomorrow.

It’s always a good idea to review some heat safety tips. (NWS Houston)


Saturday will be similar, although the chance of showers may be just a tick higher, but temperatures will be fairly close to where they end up today. The best chance of showers will be east of I-45 and in Louisiana on Saturday. Still, a handful of downpours may occur around the Houston area Saturday afternoon or evening, and storms east of Houston could be a bit on the strong side.

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Cold front: It’s happening

Posted by Matt Lanza at 7:38 AM

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On to the forecast.

It’s Cold Front Day! Today is also apparently Mickey Mouse Day. And Push-button Phone Day.  So why not make it Cold Front Day too? Who’s with me? Anyway, I digress. Let’s talk about how this unfolds.

Today & Saturday

Starting this morning, no serious issues in our area, but it is warm. Temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s to near 70 in spots, with mid 70s at the coast! But look north and west. The front is moving through the DFW Metroplex as of 6:30 AM.

Temperatures as of 6:30 AM show the front moving into the DFW Metroplex. (NOAA)

Temperatures as of 6:30 AM show the front moving into the DFW Metroplex. (NOAA)

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Will our first autumn front arrive?

Posted by Matt Lanza at 6:44 AM

Autumn is often a time for weather forecast headaches. We’re wasting no time this season, with our first legitimate cold front of the season knocking on the door next week, though there’s a good chance the door won’t open. Let’s talk details.

Today & Saturday

First, the “easy” part of the forecast. Summer-lite continues the next couple days. We’ll see some showers and perhaps some thunderstorms off the Gulf each morning and afternoon. These will be of the typical Southeast Texas scattered and hit/miss variety. If you have outdoor plans the next couple evenings, go ahead with them, but just know there may be a downpour or two to contend with.

Heading to the Dynamo match, Rice game, or Astros game? Maybe a downpour, but not terrible.

Heading to the Dynamo match, Rice game, or Astros game? Maybe a downpour, but not terrible.


Temperatures will remain on the warmer side. Expect highs near 90 or in the low 90s. Overnight lows will remain miserably warm, in the mid to upper 70s inland to near 80 at the coast. Read More…