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Literal warm wishes for the holiday season

Posted by Matt Lanza at 5:39 AM

We’ll be starting off the Christmas period with a bang today and tomorrow before some clouds build in for the holiday, followed by a potentially active period of weather later next week. Let’s dive into the details.

Today & Saturday

As we officially begin winter at 4:23 PM today, the season kicks off on a beautiful note. We had lots of wind yesterday, but most of that is gone now, and we’ll see sunshine with mid-60s this afternoon. A cool, crisp night in the low- to mid-40s will follow tonight. Look for essentially a repeat of Friday on Saturday, along with several degrees of added temperature. We’ll do mid-70s on Saturday under sunny skies.

It may be a bit warm for December, but it will really be a nice day Saturday. (NWS Houston)

It should be a stunner.


A weak cold front will approach the area on Sunday morning and afternoon. After starting the day in the milder mid-50s, we should see our afternoon capped in the mid- or upper-60s. Sunday will probably have a few more clouds at times, though I think we will still see majority sunshine. A stray shower can’t be ruled out with the front, but most folks should stay dry. Some patchy fog is possible around Galveston Bay or on Galveston Island Sunday morning.

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Chilly, gray Friday gives way to a lovely weekend

Posted by Matt Lanza at 5:52 AM

Let’s start off this morning by taking a look at the satellite imagery over Texas.

Water vapor satellite imagery shows an impressive storm system in the upper atmosphere rolling across East Texas this morning. (College of DuPage)

You don’t often see such an interesting picture this far south. What you’re looking at is an upper level low pressure system that is responsible for our winds and some rain showers across the area this morning. Winds have been gusty at times, but for the most part things have been under control. As this upper low shifts to the east, we may see winds pick up again. They almost certainly will in coastal areas.Inland areas will be a bit more fickle.

Wind advisories remain posted for Houston and points south and east today, where maximum wind gusts could approach 35-40 mph. Inland areas probably won’t see winds much worse than have already been experienced. (NWS Houston)

As for rain, we have a few showers up toward Brenham and College Station. The focal point for showers as we shift into the morning and afternoon will be north of I-10 and probably east of I-45. With temperatures in the 40s across most of the area, all precipitation should fall in the form of rain. There could be some wet snowflakes mixed in well off to the north today, out of the Houston area. If there are heavier showers nearby, rain could also mix with ice pellets (sleet). But there would be no accumulation. Showers should diminish toward sunset.

Elsewhere, look for clouds to linger most of today, with gradual clearing holding out until tonight. With the clouds hanging tough, don’t expect a lot of movement in temperatures today. We should manage to get to around 50 degrees this afternoon and that will be all.


There will be no weather woes this weekend across Southeast Texas. Look for plenty of sunshine on Saturday after perhaps a few stubborn morning clouds. Temperatures will warm up from the low-40s in the morning to around 60° during the afternoon. Winds will be on the decrease as well, so Saturday is about as perfect a Houston winter day as you could script.

Sunday should be close to equally as nice. Expect mostly sunny skies, though some added high clouds may gradually increase during the afternoon. We’ll be a few degrees warmer on Sunday afternoon. Look for low-to mid-40s in the morning (a handful of spots likely in the upper-30s too), warming up into the mid-60s during the afternoon.

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Good morning, and it’s a soggy one. This won’t herald a total washout this weekend, but it has brought autumn back to the region after a mostly summery week.


Right off the bat, radar as of about 5:15 this morning shows numerous showers and embedded thunderstorms working across the region.

Radar shows a busy morning in the clouds with widespread rain and thunderstorms. (College of DuPage)

Expect off and on rain to continue all morning, gradually slowing down and becoming more infrequent this afternoon. We should dry out tonight.

The rain is actually occurring behind a cold front that has basically pushed through everywhere as of 5:15 AM.

Temperatures have fallen into the 50s almost everywhere already. They won’t get much higher than this for the rest of the day. (NWS)

Just about all of us are in the 50s now, and don’t expect it to get much warmer. We will probably drop another few degrees this morning before stabilizing this afternoon. By tonight, those temperatures will settle into the upper-40s to around 50 degrees.

It will also be breezy at times today, with a steady north wind around 15 mph, but higher along the coast and Galveston Bay where wind advisories have been hoisted.


Saturday should be a bit of a gloomy looking day, but I don’t believe it will be a day where you need to adjust many plans. Look for a mix of clouds and a little sun. In the afternoon, there could be a few showers around. With a dry atmosphere, it would be unlikely that much of the moisture survives the trip from the clouds to the ground. I think the best chance for real showers or some rain to occur would be along the coast by later Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday night, expect a weak system to begin to organize offshore of Galveston. This will spread scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms into Southeast Texas overnight and during the day Sunday. I don’t think Sunday will be a washout for everyone, but I do think most of us will see at least some rain. Near the coast, it could be heavy at times.

Total rainfall on Sunday and Sunday night should tally a quarter to a half-inch, with some coastal or far inland locales possibly seeing higher amounts. (NWS via Weather Bell)

All told, we should see another quarter to half-inch or so of rainfall, with isolated higher amounts likely, especially on the coast or well north and east of Houston. Temperatures will top off in the mid-50s on Saturday afternoon. They shouldn’t drop much below the upper-40s on Saturday night, and they likely won’t get past the mid-50s in most spots Sunday afternoon as well.

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Hi all. You get Matt the next couple days. I just want to remind y’all about our annual fundraiser that’s underway through later this month. We have two cool t-shirt designs and umbrellas available to purchase if you’d like. The annual fundraiser helps support Eric and myself and our work keeping the site on time and online. Regardless, we appreciate your kind words and support throughout the year, and we are thrilled you choose us as a vehicle to stay informed.

On to the weather, and someone has to congratulate you for surviving the hottest November day on record in Houston. We hit 89° on Wednesday, which matches, with 9 other days, the hottest November maximum temperature on record in the city of Houston. The last time we hit 89 in November? Way back on November 6th of 2017. Almost a year to the day. The latest in November we’ve hit 89° would be on November 8th, done in back to back years of 1988 and 1989.

If you’re sick of the warm, ridiculously humid weather, we have good news. The end is pretty much here. Let’s walk through the forecast.


We had quite the light show last night over parts of the Houston area.

In fact, some areas did receive over two inches of rain from the storms yesterday evening.

Total rainfall in the last 24 hours exceeded 2 inches near Tomball, The Woodlands, and in parts of northwest Houston. (Harris County FWS)

Some locally heavy rains also fell south of Houston. With the exception of a handful of remaining showers, it’s now quiet this morning. The cold front responsible for last night’s noisy storms is now sitting offshore. It’s still a bit humid, so southern parts of our area will have patchy dense fog to deal with this morning.

Otherwise, I would expect a good bit of cloud cover today, along with a chance for some lighter rain, drizzle, or showers at times. No serious weather is expected though. It will be noticeably cooler today with high temperatures probably not getting much past the low-70s in Houston. Areas south of Houston could still push mid-to upper-70s however.

Tonight & Friday

The next cold front arrives in the Houston area tonight. As it does so, expect showers and some embedded stronger thunderstorms to accompany it on its move south. The front should arrive in the far northern suburbs around midnight, give or take a couple hours, into the Houston area after 1-3 AM, and to the coast after 3-5 AM. Unlike our cold front last week, this edition will not come with a sharp, quick clearing line. In fact, the atmosphere behind tonight’s front will remain chilly, cloudy, and damp into much of Friday. Expect showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, and periods of light rain or drizzle along with a stiff north breeze during the day Friday. We should see around one to two inches of additional rainfall with this front.

Temperatures will remain mired in the 50s most of the day. Rain chances should dwindle as we get toward evening.

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