About our sponsor

Reliant has been a key partner of Space City Weather for several years. The Houston-based company first sponsored Space City Weather in 2017 as the “Extreme Weather Partner of Space City Weather.” Since then, Reliant has continued to support the site, most recently committing to a three-year sponsorship until 2023. 

Just as we provide hype-free weather forecasts to keep our readers informed, Reliant powers, protects and simplifies life across Texas by bringing electricity, residential services and security to millions of homes and businesses. They provide the resources you need, the efficiency you expect and the simplicity you deserve when it comes to managing your energy. That’s power your way.

See what Eric Berger and Elizabeth Killinger, president of Reliant, have to say about our shared mission of continuing Space City Weather’s reputation as a reliable, trusted source:

Our site, which really was a hobby at first, grew significantly after Harvey and Reliant has been right there with us every step of the way. Together, we’ve given away four complete AC systems for free, we’ve reviewed Reliant’s sister company Goal Zero’s generators and backup power solutions, we’ve shared tips to conserve energy during the summer, and we’ve provided educational videos for students in the beginning of the pandemic with our Weather Wednesday series on Facebook Live. 

That’s just what you see—on the backend, thanks to Reliant, we’ve also made sure that Space City Weather has the resources and bandwidth to meet our readers’ needs and provide important and timely information—free of charge. This partnership with Reliant has allowed us to focus solely on weather and we’re incredibly grateful for that.

Reliant shares in our mission to be a reliable, trusted source. Check out their plans, services and charitable giving at Reliant.com and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.