About our sponsor

A Houston-based author, William James, has agreed to sponsor Space City Weather for the month of April to promote his new novel, The Mole.

Here is a preview of the book:

On their first night home from a tropical holiday, Jonathon and Sophia are the victims of a military-style attack. They narrowly escape from the pile of rubble that was their home, and begin the search for their attackers. This search will lead them to the drug cartels of Central and South America, a terrorist with two suitcase nuclear bombs headed for Moscow and Washington, DC, the horrors of the human trafficking business, and their betrayal by a trusted associate. Never has Jonathon followed a trail this convoluted and complex, even during his tours as a Navy Seal operating in Afghanistan. And this entire nightmare is the result of a senior CIA operative’s greed, and willingness to betray his country. Join Jonathon and a small group of his friends as he races to solve this puzzle before it is too late, both for him and his country.

You can find more information about the author, and the Jonathon Price novels, here.