A near-perfect weekend descends on Southeast Texas

I’m not sure you could script a string of days better than you could have yesterday, today, and Saturday here in the Houston area. If you know anyone up north, these are the types of days you package up and sell to them in January.


Sunshine will dominate the skies once again today. After hitting 65° yesterday, we’ll make a run for the low 70s today.

Forecast high temperatures this afternoon (Weather Bell)

Forecast high temperatures this afternoon (Weather Bell)

I think today is most definitely a near-perfect weather day for most people.


Saturday will likely see more sunshine with temperatures up another couple degrees to the mid-70s. Sunday? More sun! And mid or upper 70s for highs.

There’s only one potential wrinkle in the forecast this weekend, and that is fog. We will probably see some light fog on both Saturday and Sunday mornings somewhere in the area.I think somewhat more substantial fog may be possible Monday morning, once we crank up the humidity a little bit more.

In Galveston for Mardi Gras? Expect upper 60s during the day and mid or upper 50s at night. More stubborn sea fog (a bit more difficult to scour out than the ground fog we normally see around Houston) will be possible by Sunday and especially on Monday.

National Weather Service outlook for Galveston this weekend (NOAA/NWS)

National Weather Service outlook for Galveston this weekend (NOAA/NWS)


As Eric’s discussed, we are still on track for a cold front sometime on Tuesday. The smart money right now is on a Tuesday morning frontal passage, with high temperatures falling from the mid-70s again Monday to the mid-60s Tuesday to the mid-50s Wednesday. Low temperatures will be in the upper 30s or low 40s again by Wednesday morning.

As of now, it doesn’t look like this front will have a ton of gusto in terms of thunderstorms in Houston (just a few it appears). A more serious severe weather threat may develop from Louisiana and Arkansas into Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee on Tuesday or Wednesday.