Riding the roller coaster warmer before we crash back to late autumn weather this weekend

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Alright, let’s get into the forecast, which will feature a brief roller coaster ride with a little spring and a little autumn and winter.


Much like yesterday, today should feature sun and passing high clouds. There may be a bit more cloud cover at times today, especially later. Maybe we can still eke out another good sunset. Either way, it will be a cordial golf clap sort of day. Highs will be well into the 60s and a few spots may even crack 70 this afternoon.


As a more assertive push of humid air lifts north into our area tomorrow, we should see clouds and a few passing showers. I don’t think we’re going to see a ton of sun tomorrow, but especially in the afternoon hours it’s possible. Any rainfall should be fairly brief and mostly just conversational in nature. Morning lows will be in the 60s (about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than today), and we will warm well into the 70s tomorrow.


The morning should start off fine on Saturday with low clouds and muggy conditions. Morning lows will likely be in the mid-60s in most spots. I can’t rule out some areas of fog Saturday morning either. We could even see a little coastal fog in the afternoon down near Galveston.

The afternoon should start fine enough, but then a line of showers and thunderstorms with our much discussed cold front will push through the area. I expect this to occur in the latter half of the afternoon, probably after 2-3 PM. The line of showers and storms will start as just some scattered activity northwest of Houston, so places in the Brazos Valley and north of Conroe may see just some brief downpours or even nothing at all during the early afternoon. As the front passes through the Houston metro area, the line will be gradually congealing but even here it may still struggle a bit. The good news for anyone with plans on Saturday is that the precipitation should be moving fairly quickly. I can’t see more than an hour or so of rainfall at any one spot as this thing pushes through. Showers should reach the coast by 7 to 9 PM.

The highest odds of any severe storms are well off to the north and northeast of Houston, with most of the metro area likely to be somewhere between marginal and slight risks (levels 1-2 of 5) on Saturday. (NOAA)

The best chance of any severe weather is likely to stay northeast of most of our area. But with these kind of fronts, there’s always a chance something pops before it exits the area. With a pretty strong “cap” in place on Saturday, however, it seems like strong storms from the Houston metro to the coast seems like a very low risk.

The main story with this front will be temperatures.

A forecast animation of temperatures from Saturday at midnight through Sunday morning shows highs near 80 in spots on Saturday plunging into the 40s on Sunday morning. It will feel much different. (Pivotal Weather)

We will see high temperatures rise into the low to mid 70s in north and northwestern reaches of the area on Saturday. From Houston south, because the front is later in the day, highs well into the 70s with a few spots near 80 degrees will be likely. Behind the front, we’ll drop through the 60s and into the 50s relatively quickly, settling into the 40s on Sunday morning. In addition, winds will be quite blustery Saturday night into Sunday morning with gusts of 20 to 30 mph likely.

Sunday and Monday

Unlike our last few fronts it seems, this one will break through and clear us out. Expect plentiful sunshine on Sunday and Monday. After our chilly and windy start, Sunday will only warm into the mid to upper-50s.

Morning lows on Monday will be quite chilly, with 30s in most of the area. (Pivotal Weather)

The coldest morning will be Monday with upper-30s likely, and even some mid-30s in the outlying, more rural areas. We should poke back up above 60 on Monday afternoon.

Rest of next week

We should warm up through midweek, along with a return to some clouds. Another cold front may time toward late week or the weekend with showers and storms and colder temperatures. These types of El Niño-ish patterns usually feature cooler days and cool to cold night — but not intense cold. No sign of freezing temperatures for Houston on the horizon for now.

With strong storms possible Thursday in the Houston area, we tell you what to expect and how to work around the radar outage

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Houston’s KHGX radar maintenance

With rain in the forecast and at least the potential for some strong to severe storms tomorrow, Houston’s primary Doppler radar is offline for maintenance. You may say, “Why on earth would they do that?” Unfortunately, there’s no real time of year here that’s better or worse; it can storm all 12 months of the year. The maintenance necessary to replace the radar pedestal (extending the lifespan of the radar another 20+ years) is extensive and requires a lot of planning. So it’s not something they can just pause or shift. The good news is that Houston has two terminal Doppler radars (TDWRs) that cover most of the metro area, and adjacent radars to ours will provide imperfect but mostly adequate coverage through the outage.

Houston’s primary Doppler radar is down for critical maintenance and upgrades, but there are other options for viewing current weather data. (NWS Houston)

For those of you that use our app for radar coverage, there is a workaround. If you tap the radar in the app, you’ll notice two diamonds, one on the south side of Houston and one on the north side. Those are the aforementioned TDWR’s from Tomball and Pearland, and you should be able to pull data from those, covering essentially the entire metro area. If you live outside the city and suburbs, you can move the map around to a few other options. To the west, the radar north of Austin can cover most of the northwest fringe areas outside the Houston metro to about College Station and Brenham or so. Corpus Christi’s radar is useful for Matagorda Bay up through maybe Wharton. Lake Charles’s radar will cover the east side adequately to just east of Baytown. Coverage between about Huntsville and Lufkin will be a little trickier, but Shreveport and the Tomball TDWR will help there. Inconvenient for sure, but not a calamity, and this is great news for the long term health of our area’s extremely valuable Doppler radar.


Wednesday will be a fairly calm day across the area. No trouble yet. We’ll see clouds roll in and thicken up from south to north through the day. They’re already starting to do so in fact. But some of the lower clouds could scour out by late morning before more clouds increase again later. Temperatures should peak in the mid to maybe upper-60s later today.


Look for winds to kick up tonight, especially at the coast, where they could gust to 30 mph or so by morning. Scattered showers will spread north and east through the night, arriving in the Matagorda Bay area by midnight and across the rest of the metro area by morning on Thursday. Temperatures will only drop back a few degrees overnight, into the low-60s or so. They should even climb some toward morning.


In a couple words: The worst of the weather tomorrow should occur from about 8 AM to 4 PM, with strong to locally severe thunderstorms, capable of producing strong winds, hail, and isolated tornadoes, as well as heavy rain.

Overview of tomorrow’s severe weather risk, showing the greatest risk along and north of I-10, where an enhanced risk (level 3/5) is in place. (NWS Houston)

We will have a couple things to watch for on Thursday. First and foremost, strong to severe thunderstorms may begin to break out across the area as early as the back half of the commute, after 8 AM or so. The atmosphere looks fairly primed to produce storms with strong winds, potentially some hail, and even a tornado or two around the region. This doesn’t look quite as foreboding as what we experienced almost a year ago back in January with the Pasadena tornado (which was an exceptional setup for severe weather here), but the parameters are definitely aligned for at least some severe weather.

More technically: There’s a pretty healthy amount of wind shear (wind changing direction with height) available tomorrow. You need wind shear for severe weather and tornado risk. But the window for that severe weather and tornado risk tomorrow looks conditional and narrow. In other words, we need the appropriate amount of instability to realize to generate thunderstorms. And on top of that, we need the storms to be able to tap into that shear and instability at low levels. This is not a slam dunk case for severe weather, but it’s enough to say that if storms can realize their full potential tomorrow there could be a couple tornadoes, especially north of I-10. We should have a better idea on this tomorrow and will have more for you before it gets messy out there.

In terms of rainfall, we are not expecting significant or widespread flooding. But street flooding is a decent possibility in a few spots tomorrow. Most areas will see a half inch to inch or so of rainfall, but a couple isolated spots will almost certainly see 2 to 3 inches of rain or even a bit more, much of which could fall quickly.

Total rainfall through Friday morning will probably average close to an inch in much of the metro area. Areas south and west may see less and north and east more, with isolated spots seeing 2 to 3 inches in a relatively short time. (Pivotal Weather)

All this should start to clear off to our east by late afternoon and evening, leaving us with clouds and a few showers. Temperatures and humidity will build up tomorrow, with highs near 70, and you’ll feel the dampness.


The forecast gets a bit trickier on Friday. The storms of Thursday will be well off to our east as a cold front slips into the region. However, it looks as if this front may stall near the coast or just offshore. This would keep us generally a bit cloudy and unsettled with shower chances, depending on exactly where it stalls. Temperatures will be mainly in the 60s, with 70s will be possible near the coast on Friday. The exact placement of the front will determine how warm it is on Friday.

Weekend into next week

That front may backpedal onshore Saturday, bringing more clouds and showers. Morning lows will range from the 50s inland to 60s near or south of the front. By Sunday, the stalled front should be escorted out into the Gulf by a second cold front which will usher in cooler, drier air and hopefully some sunshine for early next week. Admittedly, I’m skeptical about much clearing right now but we’re still several days out.

Texans tailgating looks okay right now, with temperatures probably in the 50s to low-60s most of the morning, warming into the mid-60s or so for the afternoon. I’m not going to completely rule out a shower, but I would lean toward drier weather at the moment.

Temperatures will drop off some next week, especially in the morning before we warm back up again toward next weekend. (Weather Bell)

Temperatures will drop to the 60s for highs, 40s for lows early next week, and another warming trend may impact us next weekend.

Sunshine returns to Houston today before quick hitting showers Saturday night usher in colder air for early next week

Happy Friday to all! Hope yesterday was a good one for you. As a cool weather climate native, yesterday’s somewhat dreary weather was nice in my mind for Thanksgiving. But the sun is making a return appearance today, and that should yield a pretty nice day!


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The increasing sunshine today should allow temperatures to poke back up into the mid-60s across much of the area. It should be a delightful autumn day.


Look for clouds to increase tomorrow, and there could be a shower or two south and west of Houston. A couple disturbances and some low-level moisture coming in off the Gulf will make for a decent cloud combo by later in the day on Saturday. We should still manage the 60s tomorrow after a morning in the 40s or 50s.

Total rainfall through Sunday is relatively unimpressive looking, but up to a quarter or even half-inch is possible for parts of the area. (Pivotal Weather)

The best rain chance will actually come tomorrow night into early Sunday morning. The hope is that meaningful rain will clear in time for Texans tailgating, but it will be a bit of a close call. The heaviest rain will probably fall at the coast with this system. That said, we aren’t expecting more than a quarter-inch to half-inch of rain even there.

The rest of Sunday looks like a mostly cloudy, somewhat clammy day with highs in the low to mid-60s. Some lingering light rain or drizzle should end Sunday afternoon as a cold front sweeps in. Those of you attending or tailgating for the Dynamo playoff match Sunday evening should be fine. You’ll definitely need a jacket though with temps dropping into the 50s.

Next week

Break out the jackets for Monday. Back to work and school for many folks, and you’ll want to be ready with morning lows in the low-40s in Houston proper and 30s in the outlying areas.

Bundle up the kids on Monday morning for back to school, with lows in the 40s or even 30s across much of the area. Tuesday morning even looks a bit colder. (Pivotal Weather)

We won’t get out of the 50s on Monday, followed up by an even colder start Tuesday. Morning lows will be in the 30s with some risk of a light freeze in far northern areas.

There is growing model support and confidence that December may open on a bit of a wet and stormy note, with details TBD. (NOAA)

We’ll warm up steadily through the week back into the 60s on Tuesday and perhaps 70s by Friday or Saturday. Our next cold front is timed to sometime after next weekend. It does look like that will open up a more unsettled and potentially stormier weather pattern for us in the early days of December. We’ll have more on that next week.

Stubborn clouds should hopefully exit, setting up a fairly nice weekend in Houston

If Wednesday was a pretty nice autumn day, yesterday was definitely a pretty gloomy autumn day. What will today bring? Read on.

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It’s always a bit of a roll of the dice in autumn and winter if a low deck of stratus clouds will actually clear. It’s tough to tell on satellite exactly how extensive the low clouds are today, but there are a couple things we can note based on that and observations.

A satellite image from just before 6:30 AM shows a complicated mix of low and high level clouds, as well as patchy fog across much of eastern Texas. (College of DuPage)

I always love the image above from the College of DuPage because the color scheme accentuates low, middle, and high clouds. In the Houston area, it seems we have a pretty decent batch of middle and upper level clouds moving through that are obscuring the ability to see low clouds on the image (like you can near San Antonio). Those middle and high clouds may have also helped prevent much of the fog and low clouds from expanding near Houston this morning, meaning as the sun comes up, we may see the sun in spots.

Whatever the case, expect increasing sunny breaks today between periods of cloud cover across the area. If you’re south, east, or west of Houston and under some fog, that should lift by mid-morning. Highs will be in the low to mid-70s today, perhaps deeper into the mid-70s if the clouds clear enough.


Saturday looks like a winner of a weekend day. We’re expecting sunshine and highs in the mid-70s after morning lows near 60 degrees. Sunday will be a bit trickier. It should start out great, with lows in the 50s and sunshine. If you’re headed to the Texans game, no issues. We’ll see clouds increase through the afternoon, with a chance of showers, especially north and west of Houston. Highs will make it into the mid-70s south and east and low to mid-70s north and west, with some far northwest locations possibly a couple degrees cooler.


The timing of the front for early next week continues to shift a bit, and we’re now pushing it out to Monday night. For the most part, Monday looks partly sunny, warm, and humid for November, with a chance of a shower or two.

High temperatures will probably hit 80 degrees on Monday before a cold front sends us right back to autumn on Tuesday. (Pivotal Weather)

We’ll see highs well into the 70s, if not around 80 degrees or so. In fact, there’s probably about a 60 to 70 percent chance that we hit 80 degrees or better on Monday, as long as the timing of the front stays where it is.


With the front plowing through Monday night, we will wake up to a different season on Tuesday. It will be breezy and much, much cooler Tuesday, with highs in the 60s and offshore winds probably gusting north of 25 mph. Some lingering clouds will stick around, but any showers or thunderstorms with the front will probably occur in the pre-dawn hours.

Wednesday morning looks chilly, with lows in the 40s area-wide. (Pivotal Weather)


We’ll have a chilly start to the day Wednesday with lows in the 40s. Daytime highs will only warm into the upper-50s to around 60 degrees. But it looks dry!

For those of you traveling, it looks spectacular basically anywhere within driving distance of Houston. No issues are expected across Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana. If you’re headed to Colorado, it looks fine. The only trouble spots may be the Northeast, where a departing storm will likely cause air travel delays into the hubs. Winds will probably be the main issue there. Some lake effect snow is possible in the Great Lakes. And the cold front that gets us on Tuesday morning will be crossing Florida with showers and storms on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanksgiving Day

It looks great. Morning lows in the 40s and daytime highs in the mid-60s or better.

Beyond Thanksgiving it looks like we’ll warm back to 70 or so by the weekend before our next front attempts to make an appearance late in the holiday weekend.