A nice New Year’s Eve, with great weather in the distance

New Year’s Eve has dawned wet, gray, and cool but today’s weather should only improve from here as a modest cool front moves through and brings westerly winds to dry the region out. It appears as though we’ll see one more bout of rainfall during the mid-week period before a longer spell of drier weather settles over the region. Is anyone else tired of gray skies and on-again, off-again rain showers?

New Year’s Eve

Temperatures at midnight New Year’s Eve, as we ring in 2019. (National Weather Service)

Rain showers are ending from west to east, and should exit the area entirely by around 10am. We may see a few visits from the Sun later today, but skies will likely remain mostly cloudy this afternoon as temperatures rise into the low-60s. Fortunately, this front isn’t too strong, so we’re not going to see blustery conditions later today and tonight. In fact, as the sun sets this evening, winds should die down with it. Therefore, for festivities tonight, we can expect partly cloudy skies, temperatures near 50 degrees, and generally pleasant conditions. Please celebrate responsibly!

New Year’s Day

After starting in the mid-40s, partly to mostly sunny skies should nudge temperatures on New Year’s Day up into the low- to mid-60s. This should be a rather spectacular day to start 2019, and I hope it portends good things to come in the new year. Alas, the clear skies won’t last too long, as clouds begin returning Tuesday evening, along with returning rain chances as an atmospheric disturbance approaches from the west.

Wednesday and Thursday

The period of Wednesday through Thursday morning will see conditions a lot like we’ve seen during the last couple of days—which is to say cloudy skies, highs in the 50s, and on-again, off-again light-to-moderate rain showers. Rain accumulations don’t look too serious, as most areas probably will see 1 inch or less of rainfall. Overnight lows in Houston will probably drop into the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and that should be warm enough to preclude any snow or sleet. (However, we can’t entirely rule that out for areas north and west of Houston).

Heavier rains should stay to the east of Houston this week. (Pivotal Weather)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

At this point, next weekend looks great, with highs in the 60s and sunny skies. Make those outdoor plans with confidence!

We’ll return on Wednesday.

14 thoughts on “A nice New Year’s Eve, with great weather in the distance”

  1. Thanks, gents, for a great year. I hope you know by now how valuable a resource you are, and how much we rely on you. In addition, you often bring a bit of levity to your forecasts. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019.

  2. I’m a little bummed they backed off the strength of Wednesdays cold front and revised the forecast from low 30s to upper 30s. Now we’re just going to get very cold rain ugh.

    • Here in the central New Mexico mountains we have had almost two-feet of snow since Christmas night and night time temperatures below 0, I know a bunch of people that would take the low, mid or upper 30’s in a heartbeat. Your getting winter without the mess.

      • Chris, I’m a frequent visitor to Ruidoso since it’s probably the “closest” ski mountain to us. I’m dying to go right now because of all the fresh snow lately.

  3. Howdy, fellas! Great work as always. Quick question – daughter is going snow skiing at Red River, NM around Jan 7th. First time, and she’s not really an outdoor-in-the-cold girl.

    What’s the best way for her to stay safe monitoring cold and exposure risk? I’m an outdoor dad, but been locked to coast vast majority of my life, never been skiing. DIstance from warmth while on slopes is my primary concern.


    • I’m answering this living in NM. Dress in layers, more than likely she will get sunburned from the reflection off the snow than have a big worry over the daytime temperatures on the slopes. The nights are a different beast, bundle up, make sure she has good waterproof footwear and she will be fine. Hope she enjoys our snow which has been coming down big time since Christmas.

      • Yep, good answer. Layering is important, as is dressing for the conditions. I don’t know what the mountain forecast will be, but the Red River 5-day forecast shows it warming up by Jan 5; if it’s really 38F on the mountain, that’s super warm—she won’t need much beyond some shell pants, a good jacket, some thermals, and a hat.

        Suggested gear to pack would be thermals, long johns, a couple of different weights of pants (shell and medium, at least—probably no need to pack expedition-weight pants unless it’s gonna be cold as hell). I used to swear by Turtle Fur fleece ear protectors, but these days it’s best to just wear a helmet, which keeps your ears warm and also means you don’t need a hat.

        Mittens if it’s very cold; otherwise, gloves are fine. You’ll rent boots, so nothing to do there. The coldest she’ll get is on the lifts, almost certainly, so that’s where you zip up and hunker down.

        Not much to really worry about if she’s going to be with folks native to the area—just wear what they wear. If they dress up more for the cold, pile more layers on. If the day’s gonna be warm, go light and maybe stuff an extra layer in a backpack.

        Pack your lunch and hide it in a locker. Food prices on the slopes will be ludicrous (like, $25 for a gas station-quality sandwich type ludicrous). Stay hydrated, but try not to drink too much because stopping to go to the bathroom is a legit time investment.

        Have fun 😀 Been skiing most winters since I was 11 and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I hope your daughter makes some wonderful memories!

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