Author: Eric Berger

Houston officially reached 90 degrees on Wednesday at Bush Intercontinental Airport, marking the region’s first such day of the year. This milestone has come about six weeks early this year, and we’ll see two more very warm March days before a cool front on Saturday. Speaking of the heat and humidity, we’ll address the idea that this may help to tamp down the local spread of Covid-19 at the end of this post. The short answer is that it’s possible, but the evidence is far from conclusive.


This morning will start off mostly cloudy like Wednesday did, but we should see clearing skies by around noon, or shortly thereafter. Highs again should get up to near 90 degrees, with light winds, making for another very warm day. Lows tonight will likely only fall to around 70 degrees.

Expect another warm day Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)


As high pressure begins to ease off, and some more clouds appear in the afternoon sky, temperatures Friday may hold in the mid- to upper-80s but the humidity will still be there. Winds will start to kick up during the afternoon or evening hours, gusting out of the south up to 20 mph.


As we’ve been saying, conditions on Saturday will depend on the timing of the front, which probably will sweep through the area (beginning in the northwest) during the late morning hours and end up off the coast during the evening. Local highs will depend on the timing of the front. As for rain showers, most of the model guidance now shows something akin to a dying line of storms, so areas such as College Station may receive one-half inch of rain or more and a pretty good lightning show, with less as the showers get near Houston and push through the city. Lows Saturday night should drop into the 50s, except for the coast.

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Good morning. It is March 25th, and Houston will experience a serious springtime heat wave this week. The average date of the region’s first 90-degree day typically does not come until May, based on historical data:

  • Houston-Bush Intercontinental: May 7
  • Houston-Hobby: May 6
  • Galveston: June 21
  • College Station: May 2

However, all locations but Galveston will probably hit 90 degrees this week, or come very close. With lots of sunshine and heat, please take care when outside during the middle of the day. You’ll definitely need some sunscreen out of doors and plenty of hydration. Unfortunately you won’t be able to socially distance yourself from the humidity.


With high pressure dominating overhead like it’s mid-summer, expect high temperatures to reach about 90 degrees under mostly sunny skies later today. Winds will be very light. Low temperatures Wednesday night will only fall to around 70 under partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday is going to be hot. (Pivotal Weather)


This will be another day a lot like Wednesday, with highs near 90 degrees and warm night.


The pattern begins to change on Friday, although the difference in our weather will be subtle as high pressure backs off to the east. Highs will still be near 90 degrees, but there will be a few more clouds, and winds out of the south will be much more noticeable, gusting to perhaps 25 mph.

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Good morning. We’re entering Houston’s “week of summer” and it’s only March. If this is too early for humid nights and hot days for you, don’t fret too much. Before the end of March it appears as though Houston will return to more seasonable, spring-like weather. But it will definitely be warm until then.


High pressure is beginning to build over the region today, but we won’t quite be in the sauna yet. Mostly cloudy skies should help to keep temperatures in the mid-80s for most areas, with light southwesterly winds. Overnight lows will drop into the low 60s for most—warmer along the coast, cooler well inland—with a mix of clouds and stars.

Your forecast highs for Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday and Thursday

High pressure will peak during the middle of the week for much of Texas, including the Houston area. This will lead to unseasonably warm and sunny days, with highs at or near 90 degrees for the region. These will be almost summer-like days with warm nights to match, as lows likely will only fall to around 70 degrees.


Another warm day, but we should start to see some more clouds mix in as high pressure weakens its grip over the area. Look for partly sunny skies with highs in the upper 80s.

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Houston’s brief flirtation with cooler, spring-like weather over the weekend has ended with the resumption of an onshore flow over the region. This will set the stage for a warm, and mostly dry week that will bring the warmest weather of 2020 so far into the region, with conditions positively summer-like by the middle of this week. It’s not out of the question that Houston hits the 90s.


Under the influence of very moist, southerly air, we should see mostly cloudy skies on Monday with a high in the low 80s. Sunshine may break through near the coast and in Houston later today. Some isolated showers are definitely possible, but for the most part the region should remain rain-free, with light winds. Lows Monday night will probably only fall to around 70 degrees for most of the area.


After another warm start to the day, highs on Tuesday should climb into the mid-80s under partly to mostly sunny skies. Winds will be more noticeable, gusting up to 25 mph out of the southwest in response to an approaching front that will stall out near or north of Houston. Lows Tuesday night should drop into the mid-60s.

Thursday’s high temperatures will be perilously close to 90 degrees for Houston. (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Temperatures and humidity levels should really pop during the middle of the week, with high pressure settling over the area. The combination of a warm southerly flow and partly to mostly clear skies should push daytime temperatures into the upper 80s to 90 degrees. (Houston’s last official 90-degree day came on October 20, a little more than five months ago.) Nighttime lows will generally fall into the upper 60s or lower 70s.

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