Coldest night of November coming, weekend looks great for Houston

A few stray, light showers remain across Houston early this morning, but for the most part rain chances have passed. Most of the area got between a light sprinkle and two tenths of an inch of rainfall. Now, we can enjoy fall-like weather with mostly low humidity through the early part of next week.

Thursday and Friday

Clouds will give way to sunshine later this morning, but Thursday should still see relatively cool weather with highs in the mid- to upper-60s. On Friday, highs may top out at around 70 degrees. Northerly winds should allow low temperatures on Friday morning to get into the low 50s for central Houston, and upper 50s on Saturday morning. All in all, these will be exceptionally pleasant days after Houston’s long summer.

Friday morning will be the coldest night of November so far. (NOAA)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend warms up a little, with highs probably rising into the mid-70s. Some southeasterly winds will push humidity back up a little bit, and lead to warmer nights with lows of around 60 degrees. However, a weak cool front should at least halt this rise in temperatures and humidity for a few days. A few showers may be possible as this front moves into the area on Sunday, but I don’t think most people will see any rainfall.

Next week

Eventually, the onshore flow will win out, and by Wednesday or so of next week I think high temperatures will be flirting with 80 degrees again, and we’ll see overnight lows pushing back up into the mid-60s. I don’t think we’re going to be particularly hot again, but the second half of next week could see us climb into the low 80s. Rain chances seem low, but non-existent for most of the coming week.

Houston will warm up next week, but probably not above the low 80s. (Weather Bell)

The forecast models are still suggesting that a cold front will move into Houston next weekend, in nine or 10 days time, but it’s hard to know how strong, or long-lasting it will be. A high of around 70 degrees remains our best guess for Thanksgiving in Houston, but you’d be a turkey to put too much confidence in that forecast right now.

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