A Dreary, Chilly Tuesday

A cold front has pushed through the region, bringing some showers that look to continue (especially south and east of Houston) for much of today.


Rain showers will continue off and on throughout the day, especially as you work south of I-10 and east of I-45. Radar as of 6:15 AM shows heavy showers in Brazoria County (where a Flood Advisory was just issued) and lighter showers extending north and east from there along the coast to Port Arthur.

Radar as of 6:15 AM shows heavier showers south of Houston. (Intellicast)
Radar as of 6:15 AM shows heavier showers south of Houston. (Intellicast)

As the day wears on, these showers will more or less continue in place. Some parts of Brazoria County have seen 1-2″, mainly north and west of Angleton, so some typical nuisance flooding seems possible there as rains continue. It won’t be until tonight that we kick this stuff out of here, as an upper level trough swings through, ending rain from west to east.

Outside of rain, it will be a notably “raw” day today: Temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s and edging downward into the 40s as the day wears on. Add in the dampness and some 20 mph wind gusts, and you have the recipe for a pretty wintry day by Houston standards.


We’ll slowly clear out Wednesday, with temperatures bouncing back into the 50s. Our coldest night looks to be tomorrow night into Thursday morning, as lows should get into the mid-30s over most of the region.

Thursday morning's forecast low temperatures. (Weather Bell)
Thursday morning’s forecast low temperatures. (Weather Bell)

After that, Thursday afternoon and Friday look absolutely spectacular, with low 60s Thursday and upper 60s Friday, along with plenty of sunshine. The weekend is looking stellar too right now, with 70s coming back. So get through today, and we’ll be in really good shape!

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