Flash flood emergency: Life-threatening flooding now occurring

Good morning.

It has been an exceptionally rainy night, with 10 to 15 inches of rain falling across a wide swath of western and northern parts of the Houston metro area. The Houston Fire Department performed at least 15 high-water rescues during the overnight hours, and Harris County has performed dozens. Major flooding is occurring along the following waterways:

  • Cypress
  • Little Cypress
  • South Mayde
  • Bear
  • Willow
  • Spring
  • White Oak Bayou
  • Greens Bayou

As a result of these heavy overnight rains a flash flood emergency is in effect for the following areas through 9 a.m. This means that extremely dangerous and life-threatening conditions exist, and that all travel should be avoided.

A flash flood emergency is in effect through at least 9am CT. (National Weather Service)

A flash flood emergency is in effect through at least 9am CT. (National Weather Service)


These very heavy rains, with rainfall rates of 3 inches or higher, are now moving into the central Houston area and causing additional flooding problems there. The issue with these storms is two-fold: their moisture source is being rapidly replenished by the Gulf of Mexico, and the upper-level low pressure system that’s been driving them is moving only very, very slowly.

High-resolution forecast models suggest a very heavy band of rainfall will move through the central and southern areas of Houston today, but that we may see lighter rainfall this afternoon. However it should be clearly stated that so far this system has proven notoriously difficult to forecast, and the upper level low and ample moisture are not going anywhere. Additional development to the west of Houston should be expected later today and Tuesday.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t have to travel in central, northern and western parts of the Houston metro area today, you should not. All Houston Independent School District classes are canceled, and so are many other districts. By later today most of the region could well be affected.

Much more shortly as this weather event unfolds.

Posted at 5:50am CT Monday

8 thoughts on “Flash flood emergency: Life-threatening flooding now occurring

  1. Rishi

    Eric, I’m seeing Channel 13 saying that the storm looks like it may be stalling out again, over the southern part of Houston. Do you see the same?

    1. Eric

      I think it is possible, but I am not sure where the heaviest rains will fall out. Could be central or southern Houston.

  2. Leslie

    Do you have any idea what to expect in South Katy? We have water 1/2 way up the yard – about 3 feet in street.

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