Houston’s next cold front arrives on Sunday

Chilly temperatures have descended across the greater Houston area this morning, with lows generally in the 40s and 50s. This drier air will begin to exit the region as a more moist flow replaces it. This will lead to a general warming trend through Saturday, before the next cold front arrives on Sunday. As discussed on Wednesday, the week of Spring Break still looks pretty fine.

It’s cold in Texas this morning, but not freezing like in some neighboring states. (Weather Bell)


The region will see partly sunny skies today, with high temperatures likely in the upper 60s. Some clouds are mixing into our skies, too, and this trend should persist later today as the onshore flow reestablishes itself. Low temperatures tonight will probably be in the 50s for most of Houston, and warmer along the coast.

Friday and Saturday

Warmer, with highs in the 70s on Friday, and possibly up to around 80 degrees on Saturday. Moisture levels will be rising throughout the day on Friday, so after the sun sets we should see a decent chance of rain across the area. While a few thunderstorms are possible, the most likely outcome is just light showers. These rain showers will persist into Saturday, but I don’t think they will be all that widespread, and they’re not going to last all day. In other words, expect to see some sunshine on Saturday—but also be prepared for some rain showers that could break up any outdoor plans.


A cold front will slide through the region this weekend, probably some time on Sunday morning. This will push rain chances and humidity off shore, and we’ll feel this as stronger winds blow out of the northwest on Sunday. Along with breezy conditions, Sunday should see clearing skies and highs in the low 70s.

Spring Break

The story remains the same for most of next week, with highs in the 60s, generally, and lows in the 40s through about Wednesday. Then Houston will probably see a warming trend heading into the weekend, with highs jumping up into the mid-70s or low 80s, and a corresponding increase in rain chances by the weekend. After this Saturday, in fact, we’ll probably remain dry for about a week or so. By then I suspect all of our cars will need a good cleaning due to the pollen.

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