If you like mild weather, this may be the nicest week of the year

Summary: After a front blows in today, Houston will see mostly sunny conditions this week with a sustained run of lovely spring-like weather. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this on the upper Texas coast. Conditions will turn warmer and a bit muggier this weekend.

Goldilocks season

These in-between months in Houston, October and November in the fall, and March and April in the spring, often bring the best weather of the year—if you like mild conditions. With the arrival of a front today, we’re set up for almost a full week of mostly sunny weather, with pleasantly warm days and modestly chilly nights. After some chances today, rain should be non-existent through the weekend.

Knowing what is coming in just a couple of months, please enjoy the great outdoors this week!


It’s overcast and muggy this morning, with temperatures of about 70 degrees and plenty of humidity. We’ll see some scattered, mostly light showers this morning ahead of a cool front. As this front passes through Houston, likely late morning for areas west of Houston, around noon or 1 pm for downtown, and perhaps 2 or 3 pm for the coast, we are likely to see a broken line of showers with possibly a few thunderstorms. Not everyone will see rain, and those that do are likely to see only a few tenths of an inch as the storms exit quickly to the east.

Highs today will, generally, be in the upper 70s. Drier air will filter in to the area this afternoon, as winds shift to come from the northwest. Winds may be briefly gusty from the west with the front, but should settle down fairly quickly. Lows tonight will drop into the low- to mid-50s in Houston.

Lows on Wednesday morning will be chilly for inland areas. (Weather Bell)


Look for sunny skies, highs in the low 70s, with dry air. Winds will be from the north at about 10 mph. Lows on Tuesday night will drop to near 50 degrees in Houston, with cooler conditions for inland areas.


Another day with highs in the low 70s. We will likely see some clouds mix in, due to a somewhat disturbed atmosphere. But this should not result in any precipitation that reaches the ground, except maybe for a few sprinkles near places like Conroe. But for the most part this will be a partly sunny day. Lows again drop to near 50 degrees Wednesday night.


A sunny day, with highs in the low- to mid-70s. Lows on Thursday night drop into the 50s.


You guessed, it more sunshine! By this point there will should be a weak onshore flow reestablished, so we’ll see a bit of an uptick in atmospheric moisture, but overall humidity still looks fairly low.

Houston will see a slow warming trend heading into the weekend. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend looks warmer, with a continued onshore flow. Look for highs, likely, in the low-80s. Saturday looks partly to mostly sunny, while Sunday probably will see more clouds. By Sunday dewpoints will be in the 60s, so the air will feel a bit more sticky.

Next week

Monday and Tuesday of next week look warmer, in the 80s, before we may see some kind of front move in. That probably will bring our next realistic chance of rain.

If you’re wondering about weather for the upcoming eclipse on April 8, we touched on that in our monthly Q&A post on Friday—the bottom line is that it’s too early to say anything sensible.

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  1. Man the wait to the eclipse is killing me. Also hoping my bet pays off for our current hotel location and possible viewing location.

  2. Please don’t remind me about what’s coming in 2 months lol. Thankfully, this is my last summer in Houston. I will not miss this disgusting heat and humidity nor worrying about hurricanes.

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