At least mentioning showers in Houston today

We’ve had some beautiful weather this spring break week. But as we head to the back half, we will have a few minor showers to discuss today.


Our beautiful weather ends today, though it certainly shouldn’t be too terrible. We’ll start with clouds this morning, and as the day goes on, we should see breaks of sun here and there. I wouldn’t be floored to see us actually have a good bit of sun for awhile at some point. For the most part though, today will be mostly cloudy. Though the majority of us will be dry for the majority of the day, we will see showers develop. Expect narrow bands of weak showers to stream in off the Gulf across the Houston area this afternoon. One or two showers could be steady for a bit, but with a good onshore flow, I expect any rain will be mostly brief and move on by fairly quickly.

This model tends to over-predict showers a bit, and it’s not even all that bad for today. Don’t be shocked to see a few raindrops, but no serious problems today. (Weather Bell)


Temperatures will slowly warm up with the clouds. Expect to see us hit the low 70s this afternoon.

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Friday, Weekend, and Next Week

For Friday, we’ll maintain onshore flow, with morning clouds and some afternoon sunshine. Again, there could be a rogue shower. Saturday should see just an isolated shower or storm, and Sunday should end up partly to mostly sunny. Temperatures will tend to average around 80 degrees all three afternoons, with morning lows in the low 60s on average.

Forecast highs Friday through Tuesday should be near 80 degrees most days. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a mid 80s day by Monday or Tuesday. (Weather Bell)


We continue to look like we fall back into a quiet a mostly rain-free pattern most of next week. Expect gradually increasing temperatures, with highs likely to average in the low 80s. I definitely think we could see highs push the middle 80s on a few days also. Record highs next week are 87 to 90°, so those should remain safe. Galveston’s records are 80 to 82°. I think those remain safe also, but with highs testing the upper 70s it could be close on a couple afternoons.

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3 thoughts on “At least mentioning showers in Houston today

  1. Matt

    Big weekend at Royal Purple Raceway, for TX2K17. All the folks who came to Houston in their go-fast cars aren’t going to think to highly of this forecast.

    Thanks, Eric and Matt, for keeping us informed without all the hype! This is my only outlet for weather info.

  2. Amy N

    I agree, thank you very much for your measured tone. It is a relief. You are my only source for weather forecasting (by humans). Otherwise I do like Dark Sky…

  3. B.E. Halling

    Thanks for your very informative wx forecasts. Sure would like to see predicted wind speed and direction included in your forecasts.

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