Stormy pattern continues into the weekend, with Friday looking like the most active day

In brief: In the absence of high pressure, Houston’s atmosphere remains open to the passing of shortwave disturbances over the coming days. At this point Friday looks like it could see the most organized showers and thunderstorms, and the greatest chance of damaging winds, hail, and heavy rainfall. By Sunday storm chances start to wane, with next week looking warmer and mostly sunny.


Skies will be partly sunny today, with high temperatures in the upper 80s. Like on Wednesday, this daytime heating should lead to the development of showers and thunderstorms during the period of 3 to 9 pm. Some of these could become severe. However, at this time I think chances are better along and north of Interstate 10, rather than closer to the coast. (Speaking of coastal areas, I wanted to shout-out the senior class of Clear Creek High School, where I’ve gotten to know a lot of great kids. Enjoy graduation this evening!) Lows tonight will be in the upper 70s.

Like on Wednesday, we’ll be monitoring the potential for storm development closely, and if the forecast for today or Friday changes significantly we will update the site accordingly this afternoon.

NOAA severe storm outlook for Friday. (NOAA)


At this point it looks like a more organized round of storms will move into the Houston area on Friday morning, likely sweeping into Houston around sunrise, give or take. This system will offer the best chance of severe weather, including damaging winds and hail. Depending on the severity of this system, there may be a second round of storms with daytime heating in the afternoon. (I.e. if the morning storms are weaker, there will be a better chance of a second round later in the day). Bottom line: If you need to be out and about tomorrow morning, be weather aware.

I would guess that most of Houston see an additional 1 to 2 inches of rain through Friday, but my concern is for higher bullseyes in stronger thunderstorms. At this point, Friday evening looks to see a break in showers. Daytime highs will be in the upper 80s.


Our atmosphere will remain unsettled into the weekend, especially for Saturday. I don’t have much confidence in the details yet, but we could see another round of showers during the daytime on Saturday. These storms, at this point, do not look particularly severe. Highs, otherwise, should be around 90 degrees with partly sunny skies.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Saturday night. (Weather Bell)


We may see some additional showers on Sunday morning, but I’m far from confident in that. Skies, otherwise, should be partly sunny with temperatures in the low 90s. If you have outdoor plans later in the day or evening on Sunday, I’d feel at least somewhat confident in them.

Next week

As high pressure settles in next week we’ll revert to mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Highs should be pushing into the mid-90s toward the end of the week. Rain chances are low, probably close to zero. So it goes in summer under such a pressure system.

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  1. Shortwave disturbances ? Don’t most people stream services like BBC and Deutsche Welle these days to avoid bad reception, especially during the day? Oh…. never mind…. not that kind of shortwave…….

  2. Worst climate in the world. So sick of this place. Between the nasty air, heat, and humidity I feel sick all the time.

    • Maybe it makes you feel better but coming on here to bash the Houston area isn’t solving anything. You are making the choice to be here. You don’t have to work or live here. If your job is requiring you to be here, then you can find another job and relocate to another area that is more conducive. Its about deciding what is important to you. There are trade-offs, with most anything. It boils down to what you are willing to accept and what your goals are.

    • Hi Adam,
      I do agree, but on this site you cannot expect much if anything in the way of sympathy – as shown by the usual responses, best to lock the doors, turn up the A/C and hope for better times to come.
      Remember the old adage, ‘bloom where you are planted’, you might feel better with that philosophy and less anxious.

    • Don’t listen to them, Adam. Other than lack of sickness, I agree and relate with you. I cannot stand it, myself.

    • Hahaha then leave! Please understand that if you’re not originally from Texas, we don’t care if you stay! We actually want you to leave! You’re more than welcome to come back and visit anytime, but after a few days, we ask that you don’t overextend your welcome! So, please. Leave. You will never fit in, and just know that you’re nothing special so life will go on without Adam here in Houston, Texas! Bye!

  3. Agreed! We need as much rain as we can get to keep drought away and temps down before those ridges move in. So far, summer is looking good! (IMHO)

  4. So the Dave Matthews Band concert in the Woodlands Friday night has what chance of happening? Lol Sounds like we need to pray for the morning to be bad so evening is less risk?

  5. Friday sounds like another rollercoaster. I wouldn’t mind sitting this one out, I’ve had enough fun for now.

  6. What do you mean by “shortwave disturbances?” Please comment on microwave manipulation by nefarious profiteers.

    • Study some synoptic meteorology and atmospheric dynamics and you’ll very well understand the term “shortwave”.


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