Summer blahs for Houston with muggy nights and mornings

Houston is experiencing a typically steamy morning for this time of year, with lows in the upper 70s across most of the region. If you had forgotten, this is what summer feels like. And if I’m being honest, the lack of any real overnight cooling during summer is my least favorite part of the weather here.

Summer-time lows for Texas on Tuesday morning. (Weather Bell)

Tuesday and Wednesday

Warm, muggy conditions will continue for the region, with highs in the low 90s, and overnight low temperatures in the upper 70s. With decent atmospheric moisture levels, both days will probably see some scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours, but these will probably be short-lived.

Thursday through Saturday

As pressures rise, rain chances will go down toward the end of the work week. While I’m not entirely ruling out a chance of showers during the afternoon hours, for the most part these should be sunny, warm days in the low 90s, with warm nights.

Sunday and beyond

Quite frankly not much changes by Sunday and the beginning of next week, although I think rain chances might begin to creep back up for the second half of the weekend. But again, we’re talking about spotty showers—if anything at all. Days and nights remain warm, but at least it doesn’t look like highs are going to pop into the mid- or upper-90s any time soon. That, at least, is a small victory.

There is some signal in the forecast models for increasing rain chances by around the middle of next week, as pressures fall. But as this potential for a few inches of rain is eight or more days into the future, it’s difficult to lend it too much credence at this time. For now, “enjoy” summer to the best extent you can.

Posted at 6:55am CT on Tuesday by Eric

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