Warmer this week, then a cooler end to November

After a pleasant weekend, we’ll have a warmish week of weather after which we are likely to enjoy a cooler second half to the month of November. In fact, after this week, I suspect 80-degree days will be few and far between for the rest of 2017.

Monday and Tuesday

Houston will start out the week with really pleasant weather, as a northeasterly flow should bring slightly lower humidity for the first few days. We’ll see high temperatures in the upper 70s, under mostly sunny skies, and overnight lows around 60 north of Houston and in the mid-60s along the coast.

Notice the difference in wind direction on Monday morning (top) and Tuesday night (bottom). That’s the difference in lower and higher humidity. (Weather Bell)


As the onshore flow resumes sometime on Tuesday, we can expect humidity to begin rising on Wednesday, although it won’t be too unpleasant as highs remain at about 80 degrees. There’s the slightest chance of a rain shower, but for the most part skies should be sunny. Lows for the rest of the work week will be in the mid-60s.

Thursday and Friday

As the onshore flow continues, the end of the work week looks warm and muggy for November. We can expect highs in the low 80s under partly to mostly sunny skies, along with some scattered, light rain showers. Most people probably won’t see much, if any rain. By late Friday night, or some time on Saturday, a cold front will push through Houston. There is some question as to how much the front will bump up rain chances, but for now most of the storms related to this system will probably be well north of the Houston area.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

The cool front should set the stage for a pleasant fall weekend, with highs of around 70 degrees, and lows of around 50, with mostly clear skies. Global models are indicating that just as things begin to warm up next week, another front will come through by or before Thanksgiving. It’s still too early to have much confidence in the Turkey Day forecast, but our best guess is a high temperature somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees. It will depend on whether that next front makes it through before the holiday.


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  1. Blackhawks Fan

    I like it when neither the A/C nor the furnace is running. That’s about 10 days a year in Houston anymore.

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