A break in the storms this evening, but storms may return early Friday

Good evening. We wanted to apprise you of the latest we have for the overnight forecast. Some storms remain to the west and north of Houston as of 6pm CT, but these should wind down during the next couple of hours. Unlike the previous two nights, as of now we do not anticipate any widespread showers or heavy rainfall on Thursday night or the wee hours of Friday morning.

However, the forecast models suggest a deeper area of moisture will push inland near Matagorda Bay or Galveston a couple of hours before sunrise on Friday, and this should bring some additional showers and thunderstorms into Houston throughout the morning. We don’t expect anything too extreme from these storms, with most people seeing 1-2 inches of rain at most.

HRRR model forecast for radar reflectivity at 5am CT Friday. (Weather Bell)

Obviously we’ll have a better handle on Friday’s weather by tomorrow morning, when Matt provides you with an update. But I wanted to let you know that—knock on wood—most of tonight should be relatively sedate for the Houston area, weather wise. It would certainly make for a nice change. And yes, we hope we’re not eating these words tomorrow morning.

3 thoughts on “A break in the storms this evening, but storms may return early Friday

  1. Tommy

    Please share an update about the Saharan dust phenomenon. Haven’t seen anything about that in your latest posts. Thank you

  2. Doug Abel

    What does all the rain mean for the Saharan dust storm we’ve been expecting?

  3. Blackhawks Fan

    Only 0.3″ here today. After back-to-back days of 2.2″, I guess you guys got tired.

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