A superb stretch of weather lies ahead for Houston

Skies are—drum roll, please—clear this morning! High pressure moving into the region has pushed cloud cover out of Houston, and so we should have several sunny days. In fact, aside from some clouds on Sunday and Monday, most of the next week should bring lots of sunshine to the region as well as mostly dry air.


It’s quite cold to start today, so bring a jacket as you head out the door. After breezy overnight conditions, winds should subside this morning. All of the cool air moving in with the overnight winds will help to limit high temperatures to the mid-50s today, despite the ample sunshine. The combination of dying winds and clear skies should set up for ideal cooling tonight, with a light freeze possible in Montgomery County and areas to the northeast of Houston.

Low temperatures on Saturday morning will be quite cold. (Pivotal Weather)


Sunshine should persist through at least Saturday morning, although I expect to see at least some high clouds move in during the afternoon hours. This should still be a pretty darn nice day, with highs of about 60 degrees, and light winds. As high pressure exits to the east, winds will pick up from offshore later Saturday, probably during the evening hours. Pretty quickly this will help to spin up at least partly cloudy skies, and moderate overnight lows to about 50 degrees in the city of Houston.


We’re now pretty confident that most of Sunday should remain dry. While skies will definitely be mostly cloudy, it looks like any light rain showers will hold off until at least the evening hours, and more probably until overnight. As a result, expect a warmer day, with highs near 70 degrees, rising humidity, and a warm night with lows only falling to around 60 on Sunday night.


The next work week will start out warm as well, with a decent chance of mostly light rain, before a cold front pushes into Houston later in the day. This will cool things off and clear out our skies.

Houston is likely to see sunshine for most of next week. (Weather Bell)

The rest of next week

Tuesday will be sunny, with highs probably near 70. A reinforcing front will arrive by Wednesday-ish, and this should help keep our conditions clear and cool through most of next week, with highs generally in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s and 40s. Weather for the Houston Rodeo Cook Off therefore looks pretty good next week, with very low rain chances through at least Friday or Saturday.

4 thoughts on “A superb stretch of weather lies ahead for Houston

  1. Monty

    Thanks guys. I’m seeing some advertisement for a potential freeze mid-week. Just curious if you’re putting any stock into this scenario. I did see Bluebonnets the other day on the way to Brenham or at least they looked like Bluebonnets. I was hoping deep down this would signify our last freeze. Guess we could try asking the Groundhog again. I don’t know.

    1. Jason

      There have been a lot of wildflowers blooming along the bayou trail, including bluebonnets, for the past three weeks.

    2. David Atwood

      This “groundhog” saw his shadow in Missouri City on 2/2 (my birthday). And given the extreme weather in Mid-America, I think that Punxatawny Phil got it wrong this year………

    3. Bob

      I’m seeing 30 degree low on Wednesday in Huntsville. Seems a bit colder than people were expecting. Winter hasn’t had it’s last gasp after all, as we were thinking 2 weeks ago. That said, it looks like this has turned into one of those years where the lowest recorded temperature in Houston didn’t breach into the 20s. Last time that happened was January 2018

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