After a super hot weekend, a surprisingly cool start to August

Houston was promised a hot weekend, and Houston got a hot weekend. Here are how temperatures ended up at the major weather sites in the Houston area. Of note, the city’s official station at Bush IAH recorded its first 100-degree day of the year, and Hobby Airport set a record high on Saturday, breaking the old mark of 100 degrees set in 2015.

Weather site Friday Saturday Sunday
Bush Intercontinental 99 degrees 100 degrees 96 degrees
Hobby Airport 100 degrees 102 degrees 97 degrees
Galveston 91 degrees 93 degrees 91 degrees


But then a funny thing happened. A rare late July front slogged through the area on Saturday night and Sunday, and this morning nearly all of the region is seeing demonstrably drier air.


With sunny skies we’ll see high temperatures reach the low- to mid-90s today, but with low humidity this evening should feel quite pleasant. Lows tonight will be in the 70s.

Tuesday through Thursday

The combination of a front, high pressure easing off to the west, and moisture moving in from the Gulf of Mexico will make for a strange August week. While we’re normally used to highs in the upper 90s and sunny skies at this time of year, we’re instead likely to see partly to mostly cloudy days, with highs in the low 90s or possibly even the upper 80s. There will also be some healthy rain chances each day for the area, but as for accumulations we’re not looking at a total washout. Most of the region will probably pick up 0.5 to 2 inches of rain this week, with some localized downpours.

Most of Texas should receive some rain this week, but not an excessive amount. (Weather Bell)

Friday and the weekend

At this point I’m not sure conditions change a whole lot through the weekend. The region will probably remain in the low 90s, temperature wise, and you may have to dodge some showers if you plan outdoor activities. But still, after surviving Houston’s first really hot weekend of the summer of 2017, is that such a high price to pay?


Tropical Storm Emily has formed in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, but it will move eastward into Florida today and off into the Atlantic Ocean. It will have no effect on Texas’ weather.

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3 thoughts on “After a super hot weekend, a surprisingly cool start to August

  1. Marce Lica

    Weather “related” comment. My hummingbird feeders are going up today! Hoping some Ruby-Throats have taken advantage of the tail wind from the front, to migrate into Houston. Arrivals start around August 1 and they hang around through mid September. When the first stronger front blows through mid to late September, they use that tail wind to take off across the Gulf to Yucatán and beyond.

  2. [email protected]

    althought it was so hot this weekend no air blowing in from anyplace. it was nice could had gotten a little rain so it may have cool off some i didnt go out much because of heat but to get mail out box and came back in.

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