After today Houston will experience winter-like conditions for awhile; also we’ve updated our app to squash some bugs

Good morning. Before we get to the forecast and all the trimmings we have a couple of programming notes. Last week we released a new version of the SCW app that—fingers crossed—fixes some of the bugs you may have seen. Dwight Silverman will discuss this more at the end of this post. Additionally, we’re in the midst of our annual fundraiser, and do appreciate your support. You can find merchandise or donate here. Ok, now onto the forecast.


If you’re a person who likes humidity and warmth, then I advise you to soak it up today. There won’t be much sunshine, as skies will be mostly cloudy, and with warm southeasterly winds we’re going to see highs push up to about 80 degrees. This being Houston, there will be plenty of humidity to go along with it. We’re also on the lookout for some light showers today, and the possibility of a few thunderstorms this afternoon as a cold front approaches. The chance of severe thunderstorms is fairly low in the Houston metro area, but not non-existent. Odds of severe weather increase to the north of Conroe, and for much of East Texas. So if you live up that way, take note.

Severe weather outlook for Monday and Monday evening. (NOAA)

In terms of timing, I expect the front to reach areas such as Katy and The Woodlands by around sunset or shortly after, push into Houston between 6 and 8 pm CT, and move off the coast by around 8 to 10 pm. Winds will shift almost immediately after the front’s passage, with gusts from the northwest bringing drier air into the region. Lows on Monday night will drop into the mid-50s.


Tuesday will be breezy, cool, and rain-free. Look for high temperatures to peak at around 60 degrees, with partly sunny skies. Gusty winds up to about 30 mph will be possible for much of the daytime before easing off during the evening and overnight hours. Lows on Tuesday night will drop into the upper 40s.


Skies will again be partly sunny, with highs of around 60 degrees on Wednesday. The big difference will be lesser winds, likely out of the north at about 10 mph. Lows on Wednesday night could be a degree or two cooler than Tuesday night.

Wake-up temperatures on Thanksgiving morning. (Weather Bell)


After a chilly start in the 40s, highs on Thanksgiving Day are likely to only rise into the upper 50s, with partly to mostly cloudy skies. We’ve also got to talk about the possibility of rain. Yep, there are hints in the models of a potential disturbance. It’s nothing to get carried away about, and rain chances overall are probably on the order of 30 percent or less; and accumulations will be slight. But it’s possible that Thanksgiving morning will give us a side a light showers. The afternoon and evening hours should be dry, regardless. It will be another chilly night, in the mid-40s for much of Houston.


Black Friday, as it is called by some, will paradoxically be one of the sunniest days of the week. I’m expecting partly to mostly sunny skies, with highs in the mid- to upper-60s.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend should start out with highs in the mid-60s, with a mix of sunshine and clouds. However by Saturday night-ish, another front should arrive to keep the region in a colder pattern. Sunday and at least the start of next week should yield cool days, with highs in the 50s and 60s. The pattern could be a rainy and gray one as well. Today will be our last warm day for quite awhile.

An update on our app update

Here’s Dwight with more information on the latest version of the app:

We think—knock on wood!—that the out-of date weather data has been fixed, along with wrong sunrise/sunset times. And hopefully an annoying crash on Apple devices is no more. 

We also added the ability for you to manually refresh all the data we pull in from the National Weather Service. Go into the settings by tapping/clicking on the three-line icon next to the city name in the upper left corner, then select the gear icon. Select the panel that says “Refresh Weather Data.”

Developer Hussain Abbasi has made  under-the-hood changes that should make the weather info load faster and the notifications more reliable. All this is on top of the support for iPad layouts, support for Apple Silicon Macs and the crowd favorite, Dark Mode, from our previous release.

As always, if you spot bugs, send an email to [email protected]. (Please note: the spelling of Houmidity is a feature, not a bug.)

12 thoughts on “After today Houston will experience winter-like conditions for awhile; also we’ve updated our app to squash some bugs”

  1. Hi Matt and Eric,
    We are going to be out of town (rockhounding in West Texas) 11/26 to 12/5. I am a semi-serious gardner with many plumerias and succulents. I would like to know if you see any chance of a freeze that far out. It would help to know if I should get stuff under cover or inside while we are gone. Thanks. We love and rely on SCW! I support you during your fundraiser.
    Steve Blyskal

    • Hey Steve, just a note. I would maybe change the name you use to post if you are going to give info about an absence from your home in a public forum. Unfortunately you can’t be to safe these days.

    • Weather models a week out will change, best to keep an eye on forecast a few days before trip to get a better accurate forecast of any potential freeze

  2. Tom here. You guys do a great job presenting our weather forecast! I love the change from sticky, to cooler temps just in time for the holidays. You guys ROCK !

    • (Quote). However, by Saturday night-ish, another front should arrive. “Always at night”. After tonight’s frontal passage, another frontal passage at night will occur this weekend. I keep addressing this matter as a fact. For the last two decades or so, fronts seem to sneak in here during the night, which I find extremely weird.

  3. Fooled again by the weather forecast, I should learn. Cancelled tree trimming and outdoor activities because I read on the Weather channel: 70% rain and T’ Storms. but in real life, nary a drop. Informed guessing is what it really is.

    • I know what you mean Ken. No rain here in Santa Fe either. It’s 5:30 PM and I’m still watering. Of course, since the fronts mostly come in at night, seems like any rain we’d get would happen then. That’s why I was able to water and work outside all day.

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