All the sunshine

If you liked the original episode of “Sunny and Cool December Day,” you will love the rerun that will air today.


As Eric has been laying out, this is a pretty straightforward, almost boring weather pattern that we are lodged in. Boring weather is a very, very good thing right now. Houston gets “all” the sunshine. We still have another weak and dry cold front projected to move through later this weekend. You may notice a wind shift or a few extra clouds ahead of it and with it Saturday into Sunday morning. Aside from that, it’ll be tough to differentiate each day over the next five to six days: Lows generally in the 40s in Houston (30s in some outlying areas), with highs in the 60s.

Saturday morning will be another chilly one across Southeast Texas. (Weather Bell)
Saturday morning will be another chilly one across Southeast Texas. (Weather Bell)


The weather pattern should gradually turn warmer and more active as we go into later next week. There may be another front with some storms at some point, but in the meantime, the national weather story is going to be focused on the incredible warmth that should be seen over the northern part of the country.

Forecast average temperature departures from normal for next Friday (Weather Bell)
Forecast average temperature departures from normal for next Friday shows widespread 10-20°+ above normal from Texas to Hudson Bay (Weather Bell)

It’s a bit early to get too worked up about this period, but I would say it’s not out of the question that Houston could see a high temperature in the upper 70s to near 80 one day late next week or weekend. It all depends on how the pattern evolves (rain, fog, clouds, etc.), which is still uncertain this far out. But temporarily warmer and more active will likely be the way to go beyond Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “All the sunshine”

  1. Boring? I’d take these next few days 365 days/yr! It’s weather where you can actually go outside .

    BTW, around mid-week, any chance of a long range national forecast for those of us traveling around Christmas?

  2. I posed this as a question recently, to which Eric thoughtfully replied, but I’ll say it again… What is the deal with the mosquitoes? I understand that conditions have been favorable for their persistence. However, somewhere in the lizard brain area of my psyche, alarm bells go off seeing them flit to and fro. Other than that, for me, the weather these days could hardly be better!

    On a side note, I would be thrilled if you and Eric are able to scale this site so that, for example, if I were to travel to Chicago next week I’d be able to go to windycityweather dot com and get this same concise, yet detailed, weather reporting and explanation.

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