Amazing, sunny weather ends before the weekend in Houston

It’s been a grand, spring-like week with lots of sunshine and dry air for Houston. That splendiferous pattern will soon end as the weekend approaches.


After a few clear and sunny days, some clouds are beginning to return to the sky this morning as winds turn east. Today will still see some sunshine, and this will allow highs to get into the mid- to upper-70s. Later this afternoon winds will turn out of the southeast, and gust up to 20mph signalling the return of much more moist air.

Lows Thursday night will be warmer than what we’ve seen this week. (National Weather Service)


Skies will turn mostly cloudy, as high pressure completely exits the region off to the east later on Thursday. Winds will continue to blow out of the south, and southeast throughout the day. This will allow for a slight chance of light rain showers across the region, but chances appear less than 20 percent. Highs will get up to near 80 degrees, despite the clouds, and it’ll feel quite humid outside.


The weekend should begin with partly sunny skies, but that will likely change by late morning as a cold front approaches from the north. The best rain chances still appear most likely after noon on Saturday, and during the overnight hours. Accumulations likely will be a few tenths of an inch of rain for most—certainly nothing to worry about in terms of flooding. The front itself will probably reach the northern part of the metro area, and move off the coast around sunset or shortly thereafter. Before this, highs will likely reach 80 degrees. Lows Saturday night will fall into the 50s with the front.


The atmosphere will remain unsettled on Sunday, in the wake of the front, and it now appears likely that we’ll see lingering rain chances through at least the morning, and possibly into the afternoon or evening. This will be a cold, gray day with highs perhaps only reaching 60 degrees.

The rain accumulation forecast through Monday isn’t overly impressive. (Pivotal Weather)

Next week

The early part of next week will see nights in the 40s for much of Houston, and around 50 near the coast, with daytime highs in the 60s and 70s. Monday and Tuesday should see a fair amount of sunshine.

After this coming front, and the early part of next week, it looks like the first week or 10 days of April will settle into a pattern of highs around 80 degrees, and lows around 60.

3 thoughts on “Amazing, sunny weather ends before the weekend in Houston

    1. dmcwhinnie

      Do you think there be much lightening with the front, especially near the coast? We have 130 people going cub scout camping this weekend. A little rain is fine, but lightening will cause us to have to hide out indoors.

  1. Katherine

    Ahhhh… goodbye to the yellow veil, the dropping of crunchy brown oak leaves, the perverse Fall which signals our brilliant green Houston Spring. Cheers for rain and clear breathing! Love this city. Will be checking SCW more often to keep track of this season’s predictions.

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