Another day of extreme heat before Houston slowly returns to “normal” summer

Houston recorded its third 100-degree day of the year on Monday, when the high reached 101 degrees at Bush Intercontinental Airport. Hobby Airport also recorded its warmest day of the year, with the high hitting 99 degrees. Today will be another scorcher, but then our weather should gradually begin to modify toward more “normal” summertime weather in Houston. Later this week we’ll see the development of clouds, and even some modest rain chances as the high pressure system that’s been dominating our weather weakens.


Alas, there won’t be much (or any) relief today. We’re in for more hot and sunny conditions which should send highs back into the upper-90s—today is probably the region’s last day to break 100 degrees for awhile. Winds will be out of the south at 5 to 10 mph. And once again, overnight low temperatures will likely not fall below 80 degrees for much of the area, and only briefly if they do.

Tuesday’s forecast: Damn hot.

Wednesday and Thursday

These should be a pair of hot and mostly sunny days with highs in the mid- to upper-90s. Rain chances remain minimal, but overnight lows should be a degree or two cooler.


By week’s end a bit of an atmospheric disturbance may move through the area, and this will provide the region’s first real chance of rain in quite a while. I don’t want to oversell this as rain chances right now look to only be about 30 to 40 percent. And oftentimes, after an extended period of dry weather, forecast models will oversell rain chances. But anyway, the combination of scattered showers and a few more clouds should limit highs to about 95 degrees.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend looks mostly sunny, with a slight chance of rain, and highs in the low- to mid-90s. This will feel more like a typical July weekend in Houston.

Our weather pattern should turn a bit wetter next week. (Pivotal Weather)

Next week

The pattern next week does look more favorable for rain, with high pressure displaced. Expect highs in the low- to mid-90s with decent rain chances beginning on Monday or so.

13 thoughts on “Another day of extreme heat before Houston slowly returns to “normal” summer

  1. lee

    How on earth did people ever live here prior to AC? Who in their right mind would stop their covered wagon in this bayou from hell and say “Yeah, THIS is totally where I want to build a house, right here in this mosquito swamp where you can’t stop sweating from the heat even at 2am. This is DEFINITELY the place for me.”


    1. Blackhawks Fan

      I often wonder why I put myself through another summer here WITH air conditioning, the answer being that my job and industry are here. Add in hurricanes and annual hundred year floods – when retirement comes it will be sayonara, Houston.

      1. Chalayne

        I couldn’t agree with you more.
        Hate doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel about living here.

    2. Dave T

      They didn’t. Look at the US population centers before WWII. Most of the big cities were in the North, and east of the Mississippi. Now most of them are in the Sun Belt / California. AC has led to a major demographic shift in the last 75 years.

    3. Ashley

      My mom was born here in 1943, and she said she remembers having ceiling fans. They grew up on a small farm in Dickinson, and would go sit on blocks of ice in the summer. But she also says she doesn’t remember it being this bad, either.

      1. Jr

        My high school summer job was on a roofing crew in College Station. After a week I would get used to it. I had to drink water non-stop but my body adapted. After a solid day on the roofs I’d go home to my parents 78F house and would have to put on a sweater otherwise I’d be shivering.

    4. Tropical Tiffy

      Between the pandemic and the hot rainless summers here, I’m wondering myself why i couldn’t have waited just a few more months to move here. I certainly don’t miss Norcal summers. They aren’t any better than Houston summers but they certainly aren’t any worse.

  2. Tom Swinburn

    Bad as it is here we’re not China, where floods of literally biblical proportions are happening. One of the biggest dams on earth about to give way, (if it hasn’t already), dooming everything in the rivers path. Like everyone I hate the heat and humidity. But there are those who have it MUCH worse. I feel for them.

  3. Jingle Jangle

    I’m going to join the chorus of comments today that this is not anyone’s dream spot for summer weather – and like Blackhawks Fan, even with AC, I still loathe this. And, I’m a lifelong Houstonian so you’d think I’d have made peace with it. (Not.)

    But, this whole pandemic and the shift to working from home has opened my eyes to the fact that I could move anywhere with better weather and keep my job as long as I had great broadband internet. I’ve been using said internet to look at options before opening up a talk with my boss.

  4. Does Katy Need to Evacuate

    Being a native Houstonian as well for 50 years, every summer my wife and I scratch our heads and question why we live here.

    It’s hard to pull up roots though…family, friends, work.

    In kind of a backwards way, I’m thankful for the God awful heat. I think if it weren’t for that our population would be double, plus. Good, resilient economy, fairly well behaved populous, etc.

    I still want to permanently escape to NC everytime summer rears it’s ugly head!!

  5. prmckee1

    As a 71yo, born in Houston, I remember summer days at my grandmother’s house on Audubon Pl. in Montrose. Her house had thick stucco walls and many windows for cross ventilation. Ceiling fans everywhere, even on the screened in 2nd floor sleeping porch in the front of the house. We didn’t know it any other way. We went downtown to the 3 movie theaters which were air-conditioned to treat ourselves to a movie and cool air. Once we got a/c at my mother’s home in West U, we felt like we had arrived. As a child, I only wore what was absolutely what was essential clothing in summer – shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Went swimming 3 times/day at the public pool. Summers were fun back then as a child. Not so much these days.

  6. Tropical Tiffy

    What does Northern California and Houston have in common??
    They both don’t rain in the summer and they both have copy paste weather forecasts from day to day.
    I recently moved here from Norcal this June. So far, I think the summer weather here is absolute misery. I can take quite a few hot days but the lack of rain here is terrible. It’s rained more in my dreams than it has in real life (for July at least). If July is this bad, one can only imaging how much more hellish August is going to be.

    I have some a touch of hopium regarding the long range forecast but alas, it is merely fantasyland and I fear we will go the next 8 weeks with only a few days of rain.

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