As pressures increase over Houston, so will temperatures

After the unsettled nature of last week’s weather—from heavy rains to heavy dust—this week holds less intrigue. We’ll see plenty of heat and especially humidity, but likely little rain at least until next weekend.


Mostly cloudy skies this morning should give way to partly sunny conditions later today. Highs will reach about 90 degrees for most of the area. Perhaps the two most noticeable features will be winds, which may gust from the south at up to 25 mph, and the humidity. Dewpoint temperatures are incredibly sticky this morning, in the upper 70s. By this evening a new plume of Saharan dust will begin to spread across Texas, but it is not as thick as the dust that reached the region last Friday.


A similar day to Monday, with gusty southerly winds and a mix of sunshine and clouds. Highs will reach the low 90s, with rain chances near zero.

Virtually no rainfall is expected in Houston this week, through Friday. (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday and Thursday

High pressure should really start assert control over our region’s weather. This will likely make for a pair of hot and sunny days, with temperatures in the mid-90s.


High pressure will begin to back off slightly, but it may not be immediately recognizable in our weather. Expect another hot and sunny day with highs in the mid-90s. Some additional moisture may push in from the Gulf of Mexico, so there may be a slight chance of showers during the afternoon—but probably not.


The July Fourth holiday will be a muted affair this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the virus widespread and Houston area residents urged to stay home. Most events around the region are virtual this year, or have been canceled. The city of Houston’s celebratory “Freedom Over Texas” event will be online, but residents will be able to still watch the “grand fireworks” show from outside their residences. (It is sponsored this year by Reliant). Please enjoy a safe, responsible holiday. This is a critical time for Texas to try and control the further spread of the disease.

July 4th will be hot, so very hot, over Texas. (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of weather, there will probably be a few showers pop up on Saturday, but for the most part it should be a sunny day with highs in the mid-90s. Weather during the evening and overnight hours will be humid and warm, with clouds likely developing around sunrise or shortly thereafter.

Sunday and Monday

The details are still fuzzy, but as high pressure continues to recede we are likely to see atmospheric conditions more favorable to rainfall return by Sunday and Monday. We’ll hazard a guess that the region will see 1-2 inches of rain during this time period, but that’s just a guess—as any rainfall forecast a week out along the Gulf Coast would necessarily be.

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