The start of July will feel a lot like July in Houston

Good morning. There are few surprises in today’s forecast, as Houston is likely to remain hot and humid through the rest of the week. The trend will be toward hotter and sunnier weather throughout the work week, with early July feeling a lot like July should feel. A few showers may crop up on Independence Day, but the better rain chances likely will wait until Sunday or Monday.

It’s an extremely muggy morning, with apparent temperatures near 90 degrees in Houston. (Weather Bell)


A few, light showers have popped up to the north of Houston this morning, but we expect these to be transient. Thanks to a southerly wind gusting up to 25mph, moisture continues to pump into the region, and this should keep our skies partly to mostly cloudy today. In turn, these clouds will limit high temperatures today to the low 90s. These clouds will also make for another very warm night, with overnight lows unlikely to fall below 80 degrees for most of the area.


A similar day to Tuesday in terms of humidity and southerly winds. However, as high pressure continues to build over the region this should limit the ability of air to rise, and accordingly cut down on cloud cover. Highs will rise into the low- to mid-90s with non-existent rain chances. Additionally, we should see another plume of Saharan dust move into the region, although it will not be as thick as what we saw last Friday and Saturday.

Thursday and Friday

These will be a pair of hot and sunny summer days. Expect generally light southern winds, clear skies, and highs in the mid- to possibly upper 90s. Clear nights should allow overnight lows to drop into the 70s.

Independence Day

As high pressure weakens on Saturday, we expect the pattern to turn a bit more unstable. This may produce some scattered showers on July Fourth, and bring a few more clouds into the forecast. But we don’t expect this pattern to be too disruptive for any holiday activities, with rain chances diminishing by sunset.

The pattern for next week in Houston looks slightly wetter than normal. (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday into early next week

We’re reasonably confident that this period will see slightly cooler weather, with highs in the low 90s, and a mix of clouds and sunshine. Chances for showers and thunderstorms increase on Sunday and Monday, but it’s difficult to say whether these will be scattered, or of a more widespread nature. We’ll have to get back to you on that when we have more confidence.

Be sure to check the site later today when Matt begins his weekly updates on conditions in the tropics.

5 thoughts on “The start of July will feel a lot like July in Houston

  1. Lee

    “Be sure to check the site later today when Matt begins his weekly updates on conditions in the tropics.”

    Oh, awesome, because I was just thinking the other day how I really needed one more thing on my worry shelf. 😉

  2. Chris

    Seems like some dust is still floating about.. should this dissipate sometime soon? My nose and eyes are wondering.

  3. Jingle Jangle

    On the bright side, July is looking like ‘regular’ July and not an extreme one.

    If you’ve lived here for a while, we know the 6 summer months are beastly. Yup, I said six summer months since that’s what we have here. Six months of summer; two months of delight; four months of meh. Not complaining but restating our facts.

  4. Jason

    It seems to me that mid and late June has been cooler than usual, especially with the rains.

    Meanwhile after starting early with a named storm in May and one in early June, the tropics seemed to have gotten quiet since mid June.

  5. tanstaafl

    Seems like the dust was especially bad yesterday evening, or maybe it’s just the optics at that time of day. The dust is affecting me. At least I hope it’s the dust…

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