Continued beautiful weather to start the weekend in Houston

Our official morning low at IAH Airport was 57° yesterday and 58° today, the coolest pair of back to back days since late April or early May. We are now on the “other side” of things in the wake of the cold front, which means that, while it will still be quite nice the next couple days, it will begin to warm up a bit.

Today & Saturday

Both days look mainly sunny with light winds and comfortable humidity. Look for highs in the mid-80s and nighttime lows inching back into the lower or middle 60s.

Sprawling high pressure dominates the eastern half of Texas and most of the southeast third of the U.S. this morning (NOAA)

As high pressure gradually slips to our east, we will see onshore winds gradually return here, which means humidity will inch back up just a bit also by tomorrow.


The end of the weekend will mark the true transition back to more late-summer weather. Expect continued sunshine and a morning low in the mid-60s (warmer at the coast), followed back daytime highs in the mid to upper-80s with a bit more humidity.

Monday & Tuesday

Weather models had been pretty aggressive with bringing rain back to the area next week. For Monday and Tuesday at least, that doesn’t seem too likely. Yes, there will be shower chances on both days, but the setup initially looks kind of mediocre, with probably just a few showers and generally lighter rainfall totals by the end of Tuesday. We will see clouds and plenty of humidity though. Look for highs near 90 degrees and lows in the 70s.

Wednesday & Thursday

The middle to late part of the week may see just a little more support for showers, so rainfall could be a bit more noticeable then. Highs will be contingent on cloud cover and could exceed 90 with enough sunshine, but we’ll generally call for upper-80s or a little cooler with more rain showers.

Generally about 1 to 2 inches is expected on average next week, with perhaps a lean toward the lower end of that range in the Houston area. (Pivotal Weather)

Overall, we aren’t especially excited about this setup for rain next week. Given the models maybe backing down some today, it looks like an average of 1 to 2 inches is most likely across the region. The highest amounts may be south and west of Houston. Some of you may see less than an inch too. More on this for you Monday.

Late next week

Weather models have been at least hinting at some kind of cold frontal passage later next week for a few days now. It’s too early to get too specific, but I think the evidence points to a couple things right now. First, the “front” will probably not be like this week’s front in that we aren’t going to turn significantly cooler behind it but rather a little cooler but a good bit less humid. I wouldn’t expect 50s for lows right now, but we’ll see.

When you look at the 51 members of the European ensemble late next weekend, most imply some kind of cold front passing through, but none show a particularly significant front. (Weather Bell)

Second, the timing of the front would be probably next Saturday or Sunday, so most, if not all of next week looks humid. Could all this change? Certainly. We’ll see how things go over the next few days and report back to you next week on what’s happening. So, soak up the next day or two if you like autumn weather.


I want to just append a quick note on the tropics today because yesterday morning we had Tropical Depression 18. This morning we have Hurricane Sam. Sam has rapidly intensified into a hurricane out in the open Atlantic.

Hurricane Sam will continue intensifying into a major hurricane over the next few days, which should also help keep it north of the Caribbean islands. (NOAA)

Sam is expected to become at least a strong Category 3 storm over the next few days which will also help it probably track a little more to the north than it appeared a couple days ago. This should hopefully bypass the Caribbean islands entirely and then turn north and out to sea, though Bermuda may need to keep an eye on Sam. Otherwise, as Eric noted yesterday, at least the Gulf should remain trouble-free.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love your detailed weather site. I am interested in your forecast for this winter. After the super cold blast covering Texas last winter; and from my memory one of the coolest summers in many years. (I’m just a weather groupie I guess. I have no formal education on the subject). Has the jet stream moved? You may be laughing at me now. I have time to research and learn more about how the low and highs control our weather fronts etc. Is there an online site you can refer me to to learn more? I haven’t seen the details like weather reports showed in the past years. Maybe the news media believes the public just watches to look at the personality more than we want the full story behind the forecast. That’s an insult. We are not going to raise our future viewers intelligence with that attitude. All through the daily news reports it appears we aren’t getting the full WHY – when – where news stories. Example. Grocery Stores violence story tells us when and where; maybe how many injured or arrested ! No other details. The story will be repeated for a few days and still leaves out details like WHY or What started the violence. OK. Sorry …You are doing a weather report and it is the best I have found. Thank you and wish you the best future.

  2. Actually this Sunday’s low temperatures in the mid-60s and high temperatures in the high-80s is typical early Fall-like weather or mid-Spring-like weather in Houston. Enjoy!

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