Happy Fall Day, Houston! Here’s how you can celebrate with us this weekend

Good morning. Every year at Space City Weather we like to mark the day following the arrival of the season’s first real cool front as “Fall Day,” and today is that day. Matt and I really feel that this should be a holiday in Houston, so this year we’re actually going to celebrate it!

He and I, along with everyone else associated with the site, are going to be host a “Fall Day” celebration at the Houston Botanic Garden on Sunday from 10 am to Noon CT. The event is free, and will have activities for kids and adults. Please come by and say hello. You can show your interest in the event by RSVP’ing here. This is not mandatory, of course, but it will help our planners at Reliant get a better idea of what to expect.

We’re holding the event on Sunday morning because it gives us time to organize activities along with the venue, which is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy nature. While some of the drier air should be gone by then, Sunday should still be cooler and drier than a typical summer day, especially during the pre-noon hours. Hope to see you there!


Temperatures are starting out in the 50s north of Houston, while most of the rest of the region away from the coast is in the low 60s. With dewpoints down around 50 degrees it feels fantastic outside. Given this drier air and clear skies, our air will still warm efficiently this afternoon, with high temperatures reaching about 90 degrees. Winds are light, out of the northeast at 5 to 10 mph. Lows tonight should again drop into the upper 50s for inland areas, with much of the metro area in the low 60s.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

The remainder of the week should bring more of the same: warm sunny days, clear and cooler nights, and plenty of dry air. Northerly winds may turn a bit gustier by Thursday or so, as our region falls on the backside of powerful Hurricane Ian. As a result, this will be the rare early fall front that not just hangs around, but brings even cooler weather a few days after the fact. Lows this week will probably reach their coolest level by Thursday night or Friday morning, when more of the region has a chance to dip into the 50s.

Low temperature forecast for Friday morning. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend should bring more of the same, although with atmospheric moisture levels starting to rise again we will see a bit of humidity. Even so, right now I anticipate dewpoints to be in the 50s, which means the air will be much more comfortable than our typical, sticky summertime dewpoints in the 70s. Look for highs of around 90 degrees this weekend, with lows in the 60s. Rain chances remain near zero.

Next week

We’re probably headed back toward highs of around 90, with nights in the low 70s, by next week. While the air becomes more humid, at this point it doesn’t look to be oppressively so. Now that we’re entering fall we can probably expect a front every week or two, but there’s nothing concrete on the horizon after this week’s cooler air. The real sore spot in the forecast is the lack of rain, and right now I don’t have anything hopeful to say about that, I’m afraid.

Hurricane Ian is going to be a disastrous storm for Florida. (NOAA)


Ian has strengthened to become a major hurricane overnight, and will emerge from the western edge of Cuba this morning into the warm southeastern Gulf of Mexico, where it will find low shear and conditions that support further strengthening. This will be a historic storm for Florida, with the potential for devastating storm surge in the Tampa area, as well as points south. Wind damage will also be extreme for some locations. And in a final gut punch, the storm will slow down with weaker steering currents as it nears Florida. Houston residents who remember Harvey know what this means, very heavy rainfall. I expect parts of the Florida peninsula to receive 20 inches or more of rainfall during the next three to four days.

11 thoughts on “Happy Fall Day, Houston! Here’s how you can celebrate with us this weekend”

    • Often times when critiquing someone or something, it helps to offer a solution or better alternative rather than simply saying “your idea sucks”. Be better, Bob.

  1. Happy Fall Day! I moved here in April and had one week of non oppressive weather since that time. This weather is a God send. I can’t believe I felt a welcomed chill in the air this morning. Looking forward to some morning walks. Thank you for informative reports.

    • Wait until it’s 80 degrees on Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas – or all the above. Last year December had 18 days of 80+ degree high temps, and the nights weren’t a lot better.

  2. Happy Fall Day to you and to all! I remember last year’s discussion of Fall Day and wondered if today’s fantastic air would be the trigger for this year’s unveiling. To quote Cosmo Kramer: “I’m out there and I’m loving every minute of it!”

    As for the Botanic Garden event, I’ll take the other side of the coin: that’s a great time to have it! Some of us will have been up for hours already and this will be a nice diversion before getting on to afternoon activities. Plus, there’s no pleasing all of the people all of the time so do it when you want (since y’all are paying for it – or Reliant).

  3. Happy Fall Day! 🍂🍁🍂
    Our family goes to church at exactly that time, so unfortunately we will have to miss the celebration. Maybe next year it would be great to try in the afternoon or early evening for a larger turnout?
    Love the idea of celebrating the first real cool front – and today is absolutely a fantastic and invigorating day. Wow!

  4. Happy Fall Day and happy long-sleeve Ts and shorts to all who celebrate!

    On a serious note, I saw a report today that said Tampa hasn’t had this kind of direct hit (potential…) in 101 years. And Florida reporters are also saying that Tampa’s infrastructure hasn’t been has “hardened” as Miami’s. Prayers up!

  5. Can you confirm which address this Fall Day will be at? I assume it’s the one near the Gulf Freeway and Loop 610. (Not the address on Kirby Drive.) Thank you!

    • Hi, I’m a Garden employee and also SCW fan, so I’m so excited for Fall Day! The location is 1 Botanic Lane, 77017, just east of 45 and south of 610 as you noted.

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