High pressure coming, and so is a hot and sunny Memorial Day Weekend

The story over the next couple of days will be high pressure building in from the east—where a dominant ridge will probably bring some 100-degree weather to Atlanta or other parts of Georgia and South Carolina—that will push Houston’s temperatures to around 90 degrees. Memorial Day Weekend, in a word, looks very summer-like.

Why has it been so windy? Houston is caught between high pressure in the east, and low pressure to the west. (Pivotal Weather)


Today will be another breezy affair as winds again blow from high pressure in the east to lower pressure over western Texas and the plains states. Although not quite as windy as Tuesday, we can probably expect some gusts to reach about 25mph. Due to these robust onshore winds, a Coastal Flood Advisory remains in place, although waters are unlikely to get as high as they did on Tuesday. Look for clearing skies this afternoon, with high temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees.


This will be another transition day as high pressure continues to build in from the east. We can’t entirely rule out a few isolated showers, but for the most part this should be a partly sunny, breezy day with highs in the upper 80s.


This will be a partly to mostly sunny day, with lesser winds and highs near 90 degrees.

Memorial Day Weekend

There isn’t much to say about the holiday weekend in Houston, with high pressure taking hold, and little change in the forecast. Expect mostly sunny skies, with highs of around 90 degrees. Clear skies should help overnight lows fall into the mid-70s, which is better than the upper-70s we’ve seen earlier this week. If this forecast holds, we’ll probably be taking a three-day weekend for the site as well. How many different ways can one write ‘hot and sunny’?

The seven-day rainfall forecast for Texas is … pretty dry. (Pivotal Weather)

Next week

High pressure appears likely to dominate for most of the rest of May, but the models continue to hint that early June may well see the return of some better rain chances. We’ll definitely want some by then.

10 thoughts on “High pressure coming, and so is a hot and sunny Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Madcougar92

    My brain knows we need rain. It knows we can’t live without rain. But the way it rains around here, I’m never excited about rain.

  2. Andrea G

    What’s the prognosis for that precipitation up north (over midwest) ? it seems to be swirling in a storm pattern?

  3. Pamela Sharp Beito

    Do you expect the wind to continue to decrease, so that we can hope for a nice comfortable breeze at the farmers market this week-end, instead of the treacherous gusts?

  4. Arianda

    As I logged on, I was thinking “the weather is stabilized, these guys should take a break”.

    And there you have it…please, you deserve at least a three day weekend!

  5. KimL.

    Is the “5G roll out will destroy weather forecasting” an actual concern or over-hyped for the headlines?

  6. Bill W.

    By all means take the weekend off. You deserve to celebrate the holiday! I can get by with the TV forecasts for that period (but not much longer).

  7. dogmama

    I’m hoping for many days of gusty breezy weather this summer, lol …Makes my daily morning 3-4 mile walks more comfortable…

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