Rainy weather likely returns to Houston this weekend

There will be severe weather across Oklahoma, and likely parts of northern Texas, during the next few days, with the possibility of tornadoes, hail, and more. However the Houston region is unlikely to see more than rain and thunderstorms through the weekend, as we’re going to be far enough south to avoid the main energy from these systems.

Severe weather is likely to affect Texas today, but not the Houston region. (NOAA)

Thursday and Friday

We’re going to end the week warm and windy. Southerly winds will bring atmospheric moisture into the area, so the region should see partly cloudy days, and there will be the chance for some scattered showers—but most people are unlikely to see any rain. Highs will nudge up into the upper 80s, and overnight lows will be summer-like, in the mid-70s.

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Saturday and Sunday

The upper-level low pressure system bringing storms across the central United States will eventually push a weak cold front toward the Houston area, and this will lead to a pretty healthy chance of showers and thunderstorms beginning later on Saturday and most of Sunday. This is a bit of a tricky one, because most of the model guidance is suggesting relatively low accumulations during the weekend, perhaps 0.5 to 1.0 inch of rain. But the atmosphere is going to be warm and moist enough to support heavy rain, so I’m not entirely ruling out the possibility of heavy rain and some localized flooding. The front should knock highs into the lower 80s on Sunday, with lows around 70 degrees.

Next week

The warm, humid weather will continue during the first half of next week, along with some decent rain chances. It looks like Tuesday could see some thunderstorms re-develop, and bring another round of rain, perhaps a half inch or more, although the details are far from clear.

It does seem probable now that a reasonably robust cool front (for late May) will push through later on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week), bringing some sunny skies and cooler nighttime temperatures. If nothing else, we can probably look forward to some sunny weather and drier air.

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4 thoughts on “Rainy weather likely returns to Houston this weekend

  1. Rebecca

    So – outdoor party happening Saturday day/evening/night on the Houston north side… are we talking a line of rain or an all day rain event?

    1. Matt

      Saturday will just be scattered showers or storms. Not an all day event, but also not a solid line either. Could be an on again/off again sort of deal, but Saturday is likely more off than on.

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