Houston to see more sunshine, dry air this week

Good morning. Before jumping in to the forecast, I wanted to briefly talk about the recent sharp cold snap Houston experienced, and its effects on mosquitoes. Unlike a regular freeze, widespread temperatures in the teens may have some significant effect on populations. A recent study found that temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit significantly reduced the number of viable larvae, as only eggs laid in well insulated areas will survive.

This will not wipe out the population, but it should put a dent in their numbers this spring. For how long? Scientists say a wet and warm spring could bring populations back to near normal later this summer. As for conditions in Houston this spring, we’ll have an outlook for you tomorrow.


A cold front is slogging through Houston this morning, and if you’re inland of Interstate 69 you’re already beginning to feel its effects. But if you live closer to the coast, its passage won’t come for a few more hours as the front probably won’t move offshore until shortly after noon. Behind the front, temperatures today will be in the 50s for inland areas, and after the front passes, in the low 60s for coastal areas.

The other notable feature today will be increasing rain chances from around noon through the evening hours. This will offer a reasonably good soaking for the area, with 0.25 to 1.0 inch for most of the Houston metro area—with higher isolated amounts—and the potential for 2.0 or more inches north of Highway 105. Rains will generally end tonight or by early Tuesday. Lows Monday night should drop into the upper 40s away from the coast.

Tuesday night should be the coldest of the week.


A colder day, with highs near 60. Winds will remain consistently out of the north at about 10 to 15 mph, but skies should begin to clear during the afternoon hours. With clearing skies, we can expect Tuesday night to be the coldest of the week, with lows dropping to around 40 degrees, give or take.

Wednesday and Thursday

The middle of this week looks pleasant, with highs in the 60s to 70 degrees and lots of sunshine. Lows by Thursday night probably will only drop into the 50s.


An atmospheric disturbance may lead to some increased rain chances as clouds return on Friday, but right now we’re not expecting to get too wet. Highs on Friday should be around 70 degrees, with a front pushing through overnight.

We expect mostly sunny skies for most of the coming weekend.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

Assuming the front makes it through as anticipated, this weekend should see mostly sunny conditions with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s and 50s. At this point, the weekend does look rather grand for early spring so perhaps make some tentative outdoor plans now. We should see a warming trend heading into next week.

9 thoughts on “Houston to see more sunshine, dry air this week”

  1. A dent in the mosquito population: proof that every cloud has a silver lining, but the price of silver was pretty steep last month.

  2. I’ll take a dent in the mosquito population even if it is temporary. And, I’m glad to hear that we’ll get a little cooler with drier air.

    This weekend was just a bit warm for February and yet it was just two weeks ago that we had the Great Freeze.

  3. I notice that the grass is already bouncing back from the freeze. Let’s hope some of the other plants and trees bounce back too. This rain can’t hurt, along with some sun.

  4. As someone who has been eaten up by mosquitoes in the mountains of Colorado I am doubtful there will be much of a dent in the mosquito population following the freeze.

  5. I have noticed a lot of crane flies and even saw a big green grasshopper/katydid type insect flying across the porch, so I doubt that mosquitoes will be reduced much if those other bugs are out after just a week of warmer weather. Sounds like a week of much more typical late winter weather. Temperatures ranging from the low 40s to low 70s sounds OK to me.

  6. I am here for the (slightly) cooler temperatures…81 on Feb 28 is just a little too hot for winter. I heard air conditioners in the subdivision click on yesterday evening while walking the dog! As to the mosquito population, fine by me if we see fewer this spring.

  7. Speaking of skeeters, on the Thursday of the big freeze, when reliable power was not assured and I had the thermostat at 62 to conserve, a mosquito that had survived the cold snap decided to come out and go land on one of my light colored walls. I took great pleasure in crossing the room and smacking it!

  8. The freeze also did a number on birds and especially bats. That’s another concern about mosquitoes. Fewer predators eating up the skeeters.

  9. What I’m curious about is how this will affect the bluebonnet/wildflower season this year

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