Have yourself a humid little Christmas, Houston

Just a quick update today as the forecast has not changed much for the greater Houston area—and also, life sometimes finds a way of intruding on one’s work!


A weak front moved into the region this morning, and it’s going to make for a gray, fairly cool day with highs likely only reaching the upper 60s. Skies may become partly sunny later this afternoon, and lows tonight should fall into the 50s for most of the region, except for along the coast. Enjoy the “winter” weather while it lasts.

Friday and Saturday

The onshore flow resumes by Friday morning, washing out the short-lived front and setting Houston up for a warm holiday weekend. The returning moisture will bring at least scattered showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms into the forecast for Friday and Saturday, and I expect high temperatures in the low- to mid-70s both days with partly cloudy to cloudy skies.

Christmas forecast highs range from the 40s in the Panhandle to the 80s in the Valley. (Weather Bell)

Christmas Day

It’s going to be warm and humid. Christmas morning lows are likely to fall only into the upper 60s for most of Houston, and high temperatures during the day will climb into the mid- to upper 70s, with some 80-degree temperatures possible where skies clear out during the afternoon hours. Some scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible as well. The only upside I can find is that you’ll be perfectly comfortable rocking that Space City Weather t-shirt, which should have already arrived if you ordered it, or will soon.

Next week

A weak front with some slightly cooler air will arrive by Christmas night or Monday morning, which should knock daily highs next week down to about 70 degrees, and overnight lows to around 60. It’s not going to be cold, and cloudy days will keep a chance of rain in the forecast. But it won’t be quite so anomalously warm, either, and it still looks like a fairly strong front will arrive a day or two before the New Year begins.

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14 thoughts on “Have yourself a humid little Christmas, Houston”

  1. I’ll be spending Christmas in Dallas. A FB post showed dangerous storms for that area, but I can’t find any more info about that. Can you help?

  2. It was actually raining around Ellington at 7:30 this morning, enough to wet the driveway. Didn’t seem to show up on the radar, though.

    • As I ran through the rain this morning, soaking wet … my first thought was that I had written on Wednesday that it would be a “dry front.” I both laughed and cursed at myself.

  3. It makes me so sad that the forecasts always seem to be wrong for everything else EXCEPT cold weather. I have soooo been wishing that mother nature would surprise us all and prove the models wrong as she always seems to do the rest of the year. Apparently, she has a terrible and sick sense of humor. 🙁

      • No!! Not that you guys are wrong!! You guys are my #1 source for accuracy (as accurate as weather predicting can be!) But it always seems the MODELS are wrong (or off a bit) far out (10+ days) except when they are predicting heat for Christmas 2 weeks in advance. 🙂

  4. I appreciate the work you guys do, although I am really looking for a relief from the heat and humidity. Think January will be more chilly?

    Again, thanks for the non-manical reporting on weather. It is very nice to be able to read weather reports and forecasts without fearing for my life.

    • Thank you, Lindsay.

      Right now the seasonal models suggest January and February will see temperatures 1 to 3 degrees above normal. I think we’ll continue to see relatively brief periods of quite cold weather followed by mild conditions.

  5. Uh-oh… model profiling… penalty is another day of subtropical Decemberness! (Under the rule book, this is a non-reviewable penalty *unless* the blogger(s) are directly targeted.)

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