It’s July 2019, and that means we’re honoring the Apollo Program

Most readers probably realize by now that the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon is coming up soon—Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took one giant leap for mankind on July 20, 1969. This is an achievement that all of Houston can celebrate, as this city played an instrumental role in putting the first human beings on the surface of another world. I’m thrilled that many of our readers played a part, big or small, in that achievement. So to honor Apollo, and NASA’s success, we’re changing our logo this month to include the original Apollo Program patch instead of a cloud and a star.Matt and I are just really proud to be a part of the Houston community, and its deep connections to the space industry. We’re so appreciative of this, in fact, that we incorporated “Space City” into our name. But this month, we’re extra proud, and wanted to say thank you to all of the men and women who made it happen.

12 thoughts on “It’s July 2019, and that means we’re honoring the Apollo Program

  1. Ashley

    My father and mother both worked on Gemini and Apollo missions and I’m very proud to be a NASA brat. Thank you for this!!

  2. Lee Hutchinson

    Thanks to all the NASA folks, current and former, who work so hard for us all. You guys are all awesome—especially Milt! 😀

    (I’ve been volunteering at the space center as a Saturn V tour guide for the last few months, so if anyone is taking a tram tour at Space Center Houston and you see a dorky guy at Rocket Park wearing a red SCH polo with a nametag that says “Lee” on it, make sure and say hi!)

  3. Chuck

    Ditto on kudos to all the folks who made the successful moon missions possible, then deep space probes, the Space Shuttles, Hubble Telescope, Mars Rovers, etc.

    The Apollo Program was a shining example of a successful partnership between government and private sectors to accomplish something truly momentous. Sadly, that concept has been lost over the years.

  4. Katie

    Excellent – have you thought about stickers or t-shirts with this logo? Really nice design.

  5. Janet

    I saw the moon landing on a tiny black and white TV in Palmer, Alaska and it was one of the highlights of my family’s lives. Thanks to all who made it possible and who continue the work.

  6. Pete H

    Thanks for the support, Eric and Matt!
    Check your date on the anniversaries, though. Don’t be late for the parties!

  7. Fred Rogers

    Love it. BTW, the product y’all generate is NASA-level.
    Correction, it’s Apollo-level. Thanks!

  8. Dr. Curtis S (Sid) Wells Jr

    Thanks for recognizing the achievements of Apollo 11
    I would like to make an addition to your introduction….in addition to astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, astronaut Mike Collins was the Command Pilot for Apollo 11…he orbited the Moon while Armstrong and Aldrin took the Lunar Lander to the Moon….and Mike was there to receive the two and pilot them back to a safe landing on the Earth
    All three were the Apollo 11 Astronauts.
    Thanks again for your recognition of this historic mission.

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