Launching the 2020 Space City Weather fundraiser—your chance to give back

Before jumping into the forecast this morning I want to announce the beginning of our 2020 fundraiser, which will last for the next three weeks. We only do this once a year, and never during inclement weather, because Matt and I do not want to seem opportunistic. But if you would like to help support the site—which is a considerable undertaking—this is your chance. All items should arrive a week before Christmas.

At our fundraising link you can purchase:

With this design Matt and I hope to earn your vote in 2021. Our campaign promise to you: Low humidity!

Given the horrendous hurricane season endured by our neighbors to the east this year, we are donating 25 percent of proceeds from the “Texas stands with Louisiana” shirt to the Louisiana-based charity SBP, which helps homeowners and businesses rebuild after tropical disasters. The design of this t-shirt and sweatshirt showcases Texas’ solidarity with our neighboring state after it endured five hurricane landfalls this year.

Louisiana-Texas t-shirt design. 25 percent of funds raised with this design will be donated to SBP.

Thank you for your support—Matt and I are always truly humbled by the response to this fundraiser.


Today’s weather will more or less be a continuation of Sunday, with some patchy fog in the morning giving way to partly sunny skies later in the day. Expect light southeasterly winds, and highs to reach into the low 80s for most areas. Temperatures Monday night are unlikely to drop much below 70 for most areas, with plenty of humidity. This should be the warmest night of the week.


This is the day a cold front approaches the region, but it probably will not push into the metro area until the overnight hours. Also, it’s almost certainly going to stall near the Interstate 69 corridor—so if you live south or east of Houston you’re unlikely to see much of a sensible change in your weather. This front may generate some scattered, light showers, but overall rain chances are probably less than 30 percent on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Expect highs to reach around 80 degrees.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

The effects of the front will wash out pretty quickly on Wednesday as the it waffles around and retreats, but our overall flow should turn more easterly to end the week. The net effect of this will be to bring slightly drier and cooler air into the region. Expect sunny days, highs of around 80 or in the low 80s, and overnight lows dropping into the low- to mid-60s except right along the coast.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

This weekend should see a continuation of our sunny weather and warm days, with highs of around 80 degrees, or a bit warmer. The pattern finally changes—timing to be nailed down later—with a front later on Sunday, or Sunday night to bring much drier air into the region and cool us down. At this point, the front does not look much like a rainmaker however.

Tropical Storm Eta

This system continues to confound forecasters. The storm’s official track forecast is shown below, but the European and GFS models diverge broadly in their forecasts. The official track more or less follows the European model forecast.

Official Eta track forecast. (National Hurricane Center)

But there is another reasonably likely possibility in which Eta continues to drift west in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and Wednesday and then … succumbs to wind shear and dies, or bends back north toward the northern Gulf of Mexico coast, or keeps drifting southwest into Mexico.

GFS model ensemble forecast for Tropical Storm Eta. (Weather Bell)

If you’re looking at this and you’re worried about Texas, don’t be. There are no real plausible scenarios in which Eta drifts westward far enough, and holds a circulation together long enough, to have a meaningful impact on the state.

14 thoughts on “Launching the 2020 Space City Weather fundraiser—your chance to give back

  1. Mark

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do. But your 2021 slogan sounds way too much like a typical politician promising things that they can never deliver on.

    1. devynfraser

      I think that’s the point. There’s no way they can promise low humidity in Houtston

  2. Jingle Jangle

    “Hooray for the annual fundraiser!” << You won’t hear those words spoken anywhere else except right here.

    I’m delighted to help chip in to support the site since it actually provides a real-life service with NO HYPE.

    I’m afraid that I won’t be “voting” for the Berger-Lanza ticket since I don’t want you guys to depart this office. My “no” vote is a vote for keeping you right here. But, I’d gladly vote you more power in your current jobs. How about “Emperor Berger-Lanza Palpatine”?

  3. cps

    Eta has a crazy path! Maybe you could do a post about strange paths of hurricanes in the past?

    Thank you for your site!

  4. Darryl

    Just an FYI for anyone attempting to donate money only. First, I didn’t spot any option for simply doing that from the main fundraising page. But if you click any of the items, there is a check box on the next page for ‘I’d like to make a donation only.’ That will remove the item from the page. When you click the ‘Continue’ button you’ll be taken to the Payment page (skipping the Shipping page). However, the item you removed may show-up again under the Donation section. I did an online chat with customer support. They couldn’t recreate the problem — but I did try it on both a PC (Chrome) and Mac (Safari) and got the same result. I’m pretty sure you won’t get anything since no shipping information was provided, but wanted to pass this along.

  5. M Powell

    We’re moving to Denver the end of tis month, but I donated in gratitude for all you two have given me. Is anyone aware if Denver has anything even remotely like SCW?

  6. Brandon

    It looks like Mother Nature had a few too many before she got behind the wheel of that depression/storm/hurricane/depression/storm/hurricane/storm/depression.

  7. Tropical Tiffy

    Loving the humidity and slightly warm weather!! The warm nights make for comfortable sleeping weather. I’m hoping for some rain but I won’t complain about this amazing November weather!! Dewpoints around 70 is best!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  8. icki

    i suggest your fundraising page include an option of making a direct contribution. What is the easiest way to do this ?

  9. Lisa

    I just looked at the hurricane center charts..Yet another disturbed area of weather( wave?) in the Caribbean to watch at 50% development in 5 days..Grrrr, this hurricane season is unreal!

  10. Joan Krajca-Radcliffe

    Might want to warn your readers and supporters that each item/design is manufactured separately and even at different locations and must be ordered in separate orders with separate shipping. I could have sworn that for the several years we have been ordering, we were able to accumulate the whole order in a cart, but Custom Ink was very helpful in explaining how it worked.

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