One silver lining about August in Houston—this too shall pass

We have reached the real dog days of summer. The middle of August almost always feels like this, with low temperatures hovering around 80 degrees for most of Houston, and highs in the upper 90s. Afternoon temperatures have reached 96 or 97 degrees the last five days in Houston, and unfortunately that pattern seems unlikely to change significantly for most of the rest of the month.

On Monday a reader wrote in and asked, I know you don’t have a crystal ball and are not clairvoyant, but I’m sooooooo over this summer I need a little encouragement. What does our Fall/ Winter have in store for us? I don’t have much confidence in seasonal forecasts, but I do know this. August is already half over. Already, days are an hour shorter than they were in June. Fall is not here yet, but it also isn’t that far around the corner. We can reasonably begin to expect some relief in about four weeks, or so. Until then—heat.

Length of the day in Houston. White line shows where we are today. (Time and Date)

Tuesday and Wednesday

While pressures are high across the region, they’re not entirely stifling. Some parts of Houston, especially east of Interstate 45, have an outside shot at some showers later this afternoon. Most of Houston will not see rain, but at least there’s a chance. Otherwise, highs will remain in the mid- to upper-90s.


Slightly better rain chances—maybe 20 percent for the western half of Houston, and 40 percent for the east side—come into the forecast. Highs in the upper 90s.

Friday through the weekend

Continued hot and sunny. We’ll probably fall back to isolated afternoon showers. Highs in the upper 90s with lows near 80 degrees. A good beach weekend before heading back to school.


Hot and sunny means Houston (and much of Texas) will probably have favorable weather for the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. Here’s our updated forecast for that day, along with a list of places to buy safe glasses.

(Space City Weather)

About 75 percent of the Sun will be obscured by the Moon during the eclipse in Houston.

7 thoughts on “One silver lining about August in Houston—this too shall pass”

  1. Thank you for the encouraging news about clear skies Monday for eclipse! We look forward to this amazing event although my dear Fulgencio fears the sun will not come backI have found a means to reassure him the sun will only disappear for a few minutes.

    • Right now I see nothing of significant concern to Texas or most of the Gulf of Mexico. We’re watching, however.

      • 🙂 As Capt Kirk might say, “Divert all power to the deflector shields, Scotty!”

        (Those would be tropical storm deflectors!) 🙂

      • I personally believe 91L will be an issue for at least Deep South Texas, Eric. Esp. if it makes it to the Yucatan Peninsula and the BOC. 91L would be the one for Houstonians to watch, I’m sorry to say.

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