A quick update on a rainy Monday for Houston

As we’ve been indicating in previous forecasts, Monday is shaping up to be a rainy day in Houston—although we’re not expecting anything too extreme for the region.

It appears as though heavy showers will develop well to the west of the region on Monday morning, before sunrise. They should move into the Houston region between 6am and 9am CT, so there is definitely the potential for a wet mess on freeways and feeders for the Monday morning commute.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for Monday and Monday night. (Weather Bell)


I anticipate most areas will see about 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain on Monday, before showers and thunderstorms taper off during the evening or overnight hours. For Houston, the primary concern is smaller regions where heavy storms establish themselves, and slow down. A few parts of Houston could see 5 or more inches of rain on Monday, which could cause some street flooding. That’s what we’ll be watching for tomorrow morning, and as the day progresses. We will, of course, return with a full update early Monday.

Posted at 8:30am CT on Sunday by Eric

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8 thoughts on “A quick update on a rainy Monday for Houston”

  1. “…showers will develop to the east of the region…”? All the other weathermen are saying the rain is coming from California. Please explain the difference.

  2. I noticed something about two weeks ago that shows the way this non-Winter has been going.

    The big ash tree was pushing out buds all over. That’s not unusual as I sometimes see budding in mid January. The funny thing was that this year it was only occuring on 75-80% of the tree. The remaining 20% or so of the tree still had leaves that hadn’t dropped yet. And today that’s still about 10% of the tree.

    Even the trees are confused.

  3. Thank you for the Monday update! I have to say over the past year I have stopped checking other weather forecasts beacuse I trust your straight to the point non-hype forecasts. Thanks again!

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