Houston’s quiet weather rolls along

Sunday was our coolest day since February 16th. Yesterday was just a little bit milder. Today? Quiet, similar, and not bad at all.

Today and Wednesday

No weather woes the next couple days. We’re starting off quite a bit chilly this morning, with 40s across much of the area and even some 30s north of Conroe.

A chilly start to the morning with lots of 40s in and around Houston. (NWS)


As the day goes on, expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures cresting in the mid or perhaps upper 60s. We’ll have another cool night tonight, but expect Wednesday morning to start about two to four degrees warmer than today. Wednesday looks like another nice day on the whole. We’ll have just a few more clouds than today, but temperatures should try to crack 70 degrees.

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Thursday and Friday

Onshore flow resumes solidly Thursday. This will likely mean a few more morning clouds and just the slightest chance of a shower or very isolated storm. Friday should see morning clouds, some limited afternoon sunshine, and again a slight chance of a shower. Both days will see humidity turn up a little bit. Temperatures should test the lower 70s on Thursday and the upper 70s Friday.

Weekend & Beyond

We should see this pattern continue this weekend. Expect more clouds than sun, but only a really minor shower chance both days. We will have to watch another backdoor cold front out of western Louisiana. The smart money right now is for it to fizzle out in the Golden Triangle and not get to Houston. But, we’ve seen this a few times since November, and it may usher in some briefly less humid air.

Forecast dewpoints over the next 7 days show humidity returning later this week, but at least some chance at briefly less humid air by Saturday or Sunday. (Storm Vista Weather Models)


Otherwise, temperatures should continue to edge upwards. Expect highs near 80 or even a hair warmer both Saturday and Sunday as long as the front stays to our east.

The good news is that all of this is mostly low impact, quiet weather, so if you have plans through Sunday, it looks pretty good.

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3 thoughts on “Houston’s quiet weather rolls along

  1. Josh

    Hey Eric, can you talk about (not sure if it’s interesting enough for a whole post) how and why we get these “backdoor fronts” sometimes as opposed to the usual ones that push in from the NW?

    1. Matt

      I actually think perhaps a post on the differences between a Blue Norther and a backdoor front, other than geography, would be a good Weather Why post in the future. We’ll talk to Braniff about that!

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