Super spring break weather

After a chilly, Sunday, we’ll start spring break week for many on a positive note. And spring-like weather should stay with us most of the week.

Today Through Wednesday

There will still be a bit of cloud cover to work through today, but we should see at least breaks of sun, especially this afternoon. It won’t be as cool as Sunday, with temperatures inching their way up to 65 to 70 degrees depending on exactly how much sun we see. Temperatures tonight look a bit chilly, as we should clear skies out. Most areas should see 40s, and some folks may even see some upper 30s. That would be mainly up toward Conroe or in the typically cold spots outside Houston.

Overnight lows tonight into Tuesday morning will be a bit chilly, especially north of the city. (Weather Bell)


Tuesday’s cool start will be brief, and we’ll see temperature push up into the upper 60s to near 70°, with plenty of sunshine on what looks like a near-perfect afternoon. Wednesday shouldn’t be much different. We should have a cool start in the 40s or 50s and a warm finish in the low 70s with sunshine.

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Late Week

Things begin to change a bit later in the week, but at this point it doesn’t look like it leads to any problems. This looks like typical spring-like weather for Houston. Warm air will begin to flood back in Thursday and Friday. As humidity increases, so will morning cloud cover. Shower chances Thursday and Friday are not zero, but they aren’t particularly high (certainly nothing you have to plan around at this point). Daytime temperatures will move into the mid 70s, upper 70s, and near 80 degrees by Friday and Saturday. Basically, if you have spring break week plans in Southeast Texas, you’re probably going to be pleased!

Still Winter Elsewhere

In the “gloat to your northern friends that you live in Texas” department, it looks like a pretty wild day tomorrow in the Northeast. If you do have spring break plans in Boston or New York City, you’ll need to plan for blizzard conditions. Official NWS forecasts call for one to two feet of snow over a large swath of the Northeast.

A good chunk of the Northeast is going to be buried by a good, old-fashioned blizzard tonight through Wednesday.


In addition to snow, strong winds, gusting to 50-60 mph at the coast will make this a bonafide blizzard. Expect any travel to the region to be heavily impacted by this storm over the next few days.

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