Houston will warm up now, and some rain likely returns next week

After Wednesday’s absolutely gorgeous weather—easily one of the nicest days in late May in the last 20 years—conditions are now going to warm up some across Houston. But the weather is still going to remain relatively calm for awhile, until the forecast turns wetter at the beginning of next week.


This morning is still going to be quite nice across the Houston area, with lows starting out in the 60s for most of the region, and still relatively dry air. Highs today should reach into the mid-80s or so under mostly sunny skies. But later on today you’re probably going to notice winds picking up out of the south, which will signal the return of humidity, and eventually, better rain chances.

Friday and Saturday

Heading into the weekend we’re going to see warm, almost summer-like weather. (Which seems appropriate because let’s face it, folks, summer is almost upon us). Look for high temperatures of around 90 degrees, and relatively steamy overnight lows only falling into the upper 70s. Skies should remain sunny for the most part.

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I’m expecting at least partly sunny skies on Sunday, and any rain that does develop probably will hold off for most of the day. Thus, while we can’t rule out some isolated or scattered showers on Sunday, I suspect the weather for most outdoor activities should be fine—just hot, about 90 degrees, as is usual this time of year.

Memorial Day and beyond

By Sunday night, or so, moisture levels will be pretty high across the area. At about this time a front moving through north Texas should send some energy into southeast Texas, and provide some impetus for rain showers. I’m still not seeing much of a signal for really heavy rain next week, so for now I’m going to stick with the most likely scenario of light-to-moderate rain showers. A continued succession of upper-level low pressure systems should keep a healthy chance of rain in the forecast.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through next Wednesday. (Weather Bell)

Therefore, for Memorial Day and at least the first half of next week, I’d expect partly to mostly cloudy days, highs in the mid-80s, and healthy rain chances. Accumulations from Sunday night through most of next week will probably be on the order of 1 to 2 inches for most people, but given the high atmospheric moisture levels certainly some parts of the region will get more. We’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

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