Record heat descends upon Houston

Houston’s Intercontinental and Hobby Airports, as well as Galveston, set record highs on Tuesday with the mercury hitting 94, 94, and 88 degrees respectively. This abnormally warm weather should continue for at least another week or so as a mid-summer like pattern of high pressure persists over the region. We’ll probably have to wait that long, as well, before meaningful rain chances return to the area.

May heat records. (National Weather Service)


After starting out in the upper 60s or lower 70s—depending on where you live in Houston—temperatures on Wednesday will climb fairly rapidly across the region. The combination of clear skies and summer-like high pressure should again push high temperatures into the mid-90s. This will be another day that, if you’re planning to do something outside, it’s best to try and do it during the early morning, or evening hours.

Thursday and Friday

More of the same. Hot, mostly sunny, and rain-free. August-like.

Saturday and Sunday

High temperatures will moderate a tad this weekend, likely only reaching around 90 to 92 degrees. The reason for this is that winds should shift from the southwest to come out of the southeast. This subtle difference will increase moisture levels, and push up the humidity. So while the thermometer will read as if it is cooler, it probably won’t “feel” any cooler. This moisture also probably won’t be enough to produce any showers as high pressure continues to limit the ability of air at the surface to rise.

NOAA’s seven-day rainfall accumulation forecast. (Pivotal Weather)

Monday, Tuesday, and beyond

This pattern may begin to change a little early next week as the sea breeze establishes itself, and returns some slight to moderate rain chances. Highs will probably still be in the low 90s next week, but I think we should start to see some scattered showers during the afternoon, and probably some better rain chances toward the end of next week. Until then, our soils will continue to crack and dry.

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