The forecast for the rest of May is pretty August-like

It is not atypical for high pressure to dominate Houston’s weather for weeks at a time, as it has so far this month. But it is atypical for this pattern to dominate in May, rather than later during the summer in July or August. However, it appears that high pressure will nonetheless be with us for awhile, and accordingly the rest of May will probably be warmer (and drier) than normal. The 16-day forecast from the GFS (never to be trusted, but in this case it’s probably not that far off) offers this outlook for the rest of the month:

Enjoy the rest of your May, Houston. (Weather Bell)

For May, that’s pretty brutal.

So if days are this hot in May, what does this mean for July and August? We’ll have a comprehensive post on Wednesday that will look at the summer forecast for Houston and southeast Texas. We know it will be hot. But how hot?


If there’s been a saving grace this month, it’s that nighttime temperatures have not yet fully reached their summer peak of the sticky mid-70s. Much of Houston has seen overnight lows in the mid-60s to lower-70s, which have kept conditions pleasant as the sun sets. This should continue for a few more days this week, with winds out of the southwest. Highs will show no mercy, however, reaching into the low 90s under partly to mostly sunny skies. A few stray showers are possible far to the north or northwest of Houston later today, but are unlikely to make it into the metro area.

Wednesday through Friday

High pressure reigns. We’ll see daytime temperatures in the low- to mid-90s, overnight lows generally in the low 70s, and mostly sunny skies.

Saturday and Sunday

Not a whole lot will change this weekend. High temperatures may fall slightly back down, as winds veer from the southwest to southeast, but this will only act to raise humidity levels. Skies should remain partly to mostly sunny, with only the barest chance of an afternoon shower.

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