Some Houston locations have not seen rain for nearly a month

So far this month, Houston’s Hobby Airport has recorded only a “trace” of rainfall, which means there has been no measurable amount of precipitation. Looking back at the records for Hobby Airport, which date back to 1931, this has happened just twice at the site previously—in 2003 and 1937. Although I think there’s a chance the airport site makes it through this month without getting any measurable rainfall, I think there’s a greater chance that the region finally sees at least some modest rainfall next week. Let’s hope so, because Hobby (and a lot of other locations in the southern half of the metro area haven’t seen meaningful rain since April 21).

Houston’s Hobby Airport hasn’t recorded measurable rain since April 21. (NWS/Space City Weather)

Thursday and Friday

Houston will remain unseasonably warm to end the work week, with high temperatures likely in the low- to mid-90s, and mostly sunny skies. Nighttime lows in the lower 70s. Near zero percent chance of rain.

Saturday and Sunday

High pressure will remain this weekend, but winds will shift somewhat from the southwest to the southeast, and this will begin to raise atmospheric moisture levels. Slightly cooler daytime highs, probably 90 to 92 degrees, will result from this. But we’ll also see an uptick in humidity that will offset the feel of any cooler temperatures. I’m not entirely ruling out a few isolated showers on Sunday afternoon, but for the most part we’ll continue to see mostly sunny skies.

Monday through Wednesday

There is a chance, although this is by no means a certainty, that higher pressures ease out of the area next week, and allow for a few atmospheric disturbances to produce some rainfall. I think we’ll see about a 20 percent chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday, with possibly higher chances on Wednesday. High temperatures for the most part will be in the vicinity of 90 degrees.

Forecast models, including the European shown here, are hinting at tropical development over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico in 8 to 10 days. (Weather Bell)


You may have heard some chatter about the potential for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a lot more moisture right now over the eastern Gulf, and it is possible that something such as a tropical depression, gets stirred up in about 10 days over the Caribbean Sea or eastern Gulf of Mexico. However it seems very unlikely that such a system would have any effect on Texas. Needless to say, if that changes Matt (who returns tomorrow after three weeks off) and I will be all over it.

7 thoughts on “Some Houston locations have not seen rain for nearly a month

  1. David Goldfarb

    I notice that the weekly Drought Monitor map has introduced Abnormal Dryness (the lowest drought category) into our area.

  2. D. Eddy

    Any thoughts on when we might see an improvement in air quality around Houston? We’ve been racking up quite a few Ozone Action Days in a row lately…

  3. Tim Fleck

    It’s taking two good waterings a day to keep my tomatoes both flowering and mature fruit heading toward ripening. Subsoil is getting very dry. Need a weak Gulf disturbance to soak the area. Accent on wet and weak.

  4. Tyson

    This is La Nina-type conditions setting in. As a rancher, it’s time to implement drought management practices because it’s going to get nasty very quickly.

  5. Blackhawks Fan

    Right now (5:13 PM) it’s :

    98.6 F in the back yard,
    105.2 F in the garage,
    108.0 F in the attic.

    This is May….can’t wait for August. 🙁

  6. Weather Junkie

    This may not be on topic but every early evening around 5 or 6 pm the air quality is around 200—Unhealthy. This has been happening for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes it starts out unhealthy. This week is starts out in the morning as “Good” around 40. Then was up to 200—Unhealthy on May 17. This seems unusual, I don’t remember the air being so bad for so long.

    Could you comment on this in one of your articles?

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