The Sun to remain a stranger for most of this week in Houston

It is quite cold this morning across Houston, with lows ranging from the mid-30s across northern portions of the region to around at the coast. The good news is that we’ll see warmer temperatures for the rest of this week—but the bad news is that the Sun is going to remain mostly a stranger to our skies.

It’s a very cold start to Monday in Texas. (Weather Bell)


A slight northerly wind, in concert with cloudy skies, will keep Houston on the cool side. I expect highs today to remain at about 50 degrees. So, a cold morning, and a cold day. Low temperatures Monday night will probably be about 10 degrees warmer than on Sunday night, however.


A bit warmer than Monday, but cloud cover should again help to keep temperatures bottled up in the 50s. Temperatures may not reflect it, but higher moisture levels will be returning to the area, and we could see some scattered, briefly heavy showers throughout the afternoon and evening hours on Tuesday. For the most part I wouldn’t be concerned with accumulations, as they should only measure at a few tenths of an inch.

Wednesday and Thursday

Some slight rain chances remain, but the bigger story on Wednesday will be the movement of warmer air into the region from the south. Despite clouds on Wednesday, we should see highs in the mid-70s, and these temperatures could reach 80 degrees on Thursday with (hopefully) some partly sunny skies. Nighttime temperatures should only fall into the 60s. By the way, Houston has yet to officially hit 80 degrees in 2018.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Up and down, up and down, so goes Houston’s weather this month. Friday will be another warm day for the region, but as a cold front (likely) moves into the region, northern areas should see a cool down at some point, while areas closer to the coast remain warm throughout the day. The front will be strong enough to knock overnight lows into the 40s on Friday night, but probably not close to freezing.

The forecast for the weekend is not clear—both literally and figuratively. It is not clear what conditions we are going to see, because the aforementioned front will probably stall not too far off the coast, and that will determine what happens this weekend. If the front barrels far enough off the coast, we could see a cooler (highs in the 50s?), partly to mostly sunny weekend. If it hangs around the coast, we’ll see more clouds, some slight rain chances, and a bit warmer forecast. I can’t say which seems more likely at this time. (Oh, who am I kidding, it is going to be cloudy until August of this year, it seems).

19 thoughts on “The Sun to remain a stranger for most of this week in Houston

  1. Jayne

    I’m seriously in need of sunlight!!! If Houston doesn’t get some soon, I may need to get in my car until I find some!

    1. L. M.

      Exactly, Jon Gil. I’m in no rush for over 80-degree weather for the bulk of the year. To me have a variation to hot, humid weather is a huge blessing. However, the up & down of cold and warm is what unnerves me, consistency would be so much better.

    2. Jimmy

      80° would be phenomenal. Lol. I prefer hot over cold though. Kinda why I live here. Lived up north for a year. Worst winter of my life. Gave me a new appreciation for gulf coast weather. I prefer to visit the cold now.

  2. Jess1

    What, exactly, is driving this cover? Most forecast discussions seem to center around the US Pacific coast and the cold “dome” over central North America, but I can’t seem to find out much about the Gulf, and the seeming endless winds curling along the Eastern Mexican shoreline… is there a cutoff of some sort? Jet? Who knows?

  3. tanstaafl

    Last night the forecast today was a high of 59 degrees. This morning the forecast was changed to be a high of 49 degrees. That’s a huge miss in a span of less than 12 hours. I wish there was a better way for NWS to issue some “level of uncertainty” with a forecast. I’m sure that sometimes the forecast is a slam dunk, and other times it’s slightly better than guessing.

  4. Chuck

    Certainly don’t want 80s until at least late August (ha, ha), but this continuous “Seattle weather” is absolutely yucky.

  5. Amy N

    How does this winter stack up against the last 20 years or so in Houston? My husband is complaining that it has been the worst one since he moved here. (Probably not, but he is getting older now, and more sensitive to cold and to grey skies.)

  6. Chuck

    With apologies to the good people of Punxsutawney, PA —

    🙂 Death to the Groundhog! 🙂 (But no 80s till August!)

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